This is a Travel/Learning Game Changer – Fun For the Whole Family – Great Gift Idea

I don’t need to articulate why travel these days is so different than a few years ago; nor how it is not as enjoyable as the days when you could arrive right before the plane took off with no hassle, disrobing, or scans.  But for some, either due to health, mobility, finances, time off work, or no one to travel with, travel was not an option even before the last two years.

In walks Amazon.  An online store where you can buy virtually anything such as a burial  casket, a designer wedding gown, and a greenhouse, is now offering something so fun, educational, and cost effective that it would be terrible to not take this opportunity.

Amazon is offering a product called Amazon Explore which offers live, virtual tours of locations with a knowledgeable local tour guide.  Think Tours By Locals but virtually.  Actually it is even better!

Not only can you take a tour of Prague, but you can take a mixology class or buy some local souvenirs.  And if you see a photo op, go ahead and snap it using the camera button at the bottom of the screen.

Classes can be private for just you or group for you and others around the globe…just like regular travel tours.

This would be an amazing gift for someone wanting to learn a bit more about an area or a student needing to write a report on a location…why not tour the location through a virtual experience?

The best part is that the tours are affordably priced!  The least expensive experience I saw started at $8 for “Malbecs and More:  A Virtual Wine Tasting Across Argentina.”  The most expensive I saw was “Highlights of Barcelona:  Discover the Historic Gothic Quarter,” starting at $79.  It appears most classes/tours run for 60 minutes.

And if you are a local expert, you can even sign up to offer tours and experiences!  Why not share interesting knowledge with others on a much larger scale than available before?

This is such a great opportunity to learn, experience, and explore from the comfort of your own home.  Try an experience and let me know what you think!

I remember my first purchase on Amazon.  I needed a large stirring paddle for my large outdoor stew pot.  I did not want an oar because then I would need to sand it down to remove the coating which I didn’t think would be food safe.  I mentioned this to a local lady who said I should look on Amazon.  She said they have everything.  I looked, and they had food safe paddles!  They really must have everything!  This new educational and experiential offering is an example.

If you want to go see the world but are still a little nervous about jumping on a plane, this is your affordable opportunity to learn, enjoy, and explore!  I really think these experiences would make a wonderful gift for a lucky person.  If you are a person wanting to learn to cook, an individual wanting to learn a new skill, or someone wanting to see more of the world…this is your chance!

This is the most exciting new thing I have seen out there since free online classes were  offered as entertainment during the COVID lock-down.   The course fees seem to be reasonable, and the ratings seem very positive.  They even have Halloween themed courses right now!

If you try a class, please let me know what you think!

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