Spring Bird Song

I am writing this on Wednesday, March 2.  It was such a glorious day!  Though I had work to do, Archie convinced me that we needed just a little bit of time outdoors.  I checked on a few plants, and he sniffed every blade of grass growing in the lawn.

I am not sure there are any days as soothing to the soul as a beautiful March day in Texas.  The sun provides warmth, but not too much.  The clear blue sky is as bright as a lovely piece of turquoise.  It is the birds that mesmerize with their endless songs and trills.

I just had to capture this active songbird to share with you.  I hope you enjoy!

As if the day didn’t provide enough beauty, as the daylight began to wane, these clouds captured my heart.  The camera could not capture the pink, gold, white, purple, blue and gray as vividly as they were presented.  Breathtaking is the only way to describe its beauty.  I hope your sky provided the same majesty for you.

If I am ever overwhelmed with the toils we humans put upon ourselves, I want to keep this post in mind.  I can look back to see a sky like none other full of a rainbow of colors and listen to the sounds of the songbird as he entertained all who took time to listen.

Around the corner will be fragrant blossoms and flittering butterflies to entice our senses.  If we plan our work now, we might even be delighted by a garden of wonder from which we can dine during the summer.  I even made a sashay through the nursery today to see what plants had arrived.  I restrained myself.

I must leave you here as I am now losing myself in daydreams of cold lemonades on hot sunny days, white linen dresses with sandals, and naps under a shady umbrella.

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