Today’s Random Thought

Today’s thought is this:  Why does a single sneaker (it seems to always be a sneaker) make its way to the middle of the road?  Have you ever noticed just a single sneaker laying in the road?  I see about one a month, it seems.

One time while we were headed to a concert in Tulsa, we ran over a suitcase in the road.  An SUV in front of us had luggage tied on top with a string which did not hold.  There were three or four suitcases scattered in different lanes of the highway.  Mike did his best to avoid the one in our lane, but there was nowhere to go, and he nipped it.  Underwear went flying!  There is someone today wondering why underpants are on the side of that stretch of road.

I even kind of understand a sneaker on a highway…maybe luggage fell off or there was a car accident, but a city street?  It would seem someone would go back for their sneaker.

Like a soft drink or hat, was it left on the roof of the car or tailgate and then the driver drove off?  If so, is the shoe’s mate somewhere nearby?  Of course, my husband did that with his billfold and realized what happened when he looked in the rearview mirror and saw cash flying around in the roadway behind him.

Near Coleman Park in Sulphur Springs several running shoes hang from a powerline.  Was it a competition to see who could do it?  Maybe someone collected all the random shoes in the roadway and strung them up on the powerline.  Or maybe that is what happens with a remaining shoe once the mate is lost on the roadway.  Could this be Sulphur Springs’ version of the lock-bridge over the Seine River in Paris, France (where couples affix a lock with their name inscribed on the fencing and throw the keys in the river)?  If so, then maybe athleticism is Sulphur Springs’ mojo while the French choose romance!

Anyway, it is a question for the universe.  Who lost a single sneaker at the corner of Fisher and Spence Street and didn’t go back for it?

Of course, one time we were following two ladies in the front seat of a four-door car.  The young boy in the back kept throwing items out the window.  The ladies in the front never knew.  They wouldn’t know where to start to find their missing things.

What random thoughts do you have?  Is this the Universe toying with us?

This may be the most random post I have ever written.  And to think, I usually write 500 words on a deep, thought-provoking idea, cleaning tip, original recipe, or clever craft.  But today I made it with only a thought.

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