Okay, I think this recipe might just be a winner on the home front!  Who doesn’t love pizza?!?  Maybe this recipe will get your family excited about eating a salad.


So, what are your favorite ingredients on a pizza?  Whatever they are, they are  perfect for this salad.  Use baby spinach instead of the pizza crust.  From there, your imagination is the limit.

For my favorite pizza salad you will need:

A bag of baby spinach

Grated mozzarella cheese

Black and green olives


Chicken, pepperoni and/or ground beef

Fresh mushrooms, sliced

Bell pepper, sliced

Purple onion, sliced

Herbs such as basil and parsley

imageMix all ingredients in proportions that work for you.  Add your favorite salad dressing, which for me is balsamic vinaigrette.  Ranch works well also.  I promise you will love this easy salad and never miss the pizza crust!  It is great for gluten free folks who want to join in pizza night.

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