Mascara Changed My Life


You probably have the wrong idea.  This post is NOT about mascara, but rather creating a reminder system for things you need to do around the house.  Let me start from the beginning.

My local Mary Kay lady asked if I wanted to join her mascara club.  If I joined, automatically, every three months she would bring me a new mascara.  This sounded great!

We are all told to change our mascara after three months of use to avoid getting eye funk.  I have tried writing the date opened on the mascara tube, but then I would forget to look at the date.  This was wonderful; I would never have to remember to change my mascara again!  Mary Kay lady would just make it happen.

Then I started thinking about what else had to be done every three months that I forget.  The two that come to mind were 1) get a new toothbrush and 2) change the air filters at my house (I get the 90 day filters).

Voilà!  Now my Mary Kay lady will be reminding me of two other chores I need to do!  She won’t actually tell me to put out a new toothbrush, but the fact she brings me new mascara will remind me.

Folks, this is changing my life (and that of my A/C unit).  Every time I have an A/C or heat issue, my A/C guy starts  by showing me my dirty filters.  Why can’t I remember to change the filters?!?

What do you need to do every three months?  Get an oil change?  Reseal the stone in your shower?  All you need to do it get on an automatic plan, preferably external to you, such as Mary Kay’s mascara.

So now you know how mascara changed my life!  Even if I stop wearing mascara, it might be worth staying on the plan!

Update:  This post was perfect timing!  I received my friendly reminder that I would be receiving my mascara today!  Thanks Kimberly!

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