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Freshly pressed monogrammed napkins.
Freshly pressed monogrammed napkins.

As party preparations continue at my house, I spent an hour tonight ironing.  Those 24 monogrammed napkins are now crease free.  They were joined with 5 red napkins from last week and a denim shirt.

I have a relatively new find that I wanted to share on the ironing front.  It is Mary Ellen’s Best Press.  It comes in several different scents as well as scent free.

It advertises several things including that it won’t flake, even on dark fabrics and that it won’t leave a residue.  I have found all its claims to true from my experience.  My iron stays cleaner and I don’t have to pick white flakes off my fabrics.

Along with using a hot iron and steam, I find that Mary Ellen’s Best Press really does help to get rid of stubborn wrinkles and make my clothes, and dinner napkins, look well pressed.  Try it, I think you will like it.

Mary Ellen's Best Press
Mary Ellen’s Best Press

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