Thank You to Our First Responders

image There are men and women in our community that spend their days and/or nights protecting us.  Some of them are friends, some neighbors, some family, and some are strangers.  But they come to our aide anytime we call.

Whether we need them or not (but sadly I have needed them), they are there.  They are our fire, police, and EMS personnel.  They have no idea what their day will hold when they head to work.  But yet they willingly go.

As communities, we can never pay these individuals what they deserve.  They are willing to risk their lives for others.  But what we can do is say THANK YOU!


We can show our appreciation with our words and our deeds.  A few nights ago, while going through the Panda Express drive through, a city police car was in front of us.  After Mike placed his order, he asked to pay for the order for the police car as well.  It cost us a little over $8, but hopefully it made the officers feel appreciated…because they are.

Several years ago in another community, I road along with a police officer.  Instead of smiles and waves, our police car received stares and frowns.  From normal, law abiding citizens and children this seemed strange.

It seems our country has learned to express gratitude to our service men and women and I hope this same gratitude will extend to our police, fire and EMS personnel.  Just like they don’t know what their day will hold, we don’t know when we will desperately need them.  Aren’t we glad they are there and willing to help?


At a time when many American cities are struggling with authority, and law enforcement doesn’t receive the respect and admiration that they should, it is an opportunity for our community to set an example for others to emulate.  If you have an opportunity to show your support to these individuals, please do so.  They will sincerely appreciate your kindness.  Don’t forget, they aren’t just police, fire, and EMS, they are friends, neighbors, and family members.

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