Suggestions for Keeping a Party Book

My party book that I started in 2000.

Before we get into our topic, I must say thank you for your sacrifice to the families who have lost loved ones who were serving in a branch of the U.S. Military.  I hope this Memorial Day you feel the love and support of a grateful nation and it’s citizens.

Maybe I am totally nerdy (probably no need to say maybe), but I like to keep a log of all the parties and dinners I have hosted.  I started my book several years ago, noting gatherings I have held in my home or hosted at a rented facility.

If I invite my family over, I don’t usually log it, unless it is a special occasion or the decor or menu were over the top.  If I have guests, then I record the event in my little book.

Details of the evening, that I like to write down include:

Who attended
What China, napkins, silverware and glassware I used
How the table was decorated
What music I played
What was served

If there was something particularly memorable about the evening, like a game we played or a funny story, I include it as well. If something didn’t work well, then I log it so as not to duplicate.


If I had a printed invitation, a menu card, or place card, I include a sample of each.

This is my entertaining journal.  It will mean nothing to anyone but me, but I love writing everything down. I can be sure that guests who don’t come to my house much aren’t served the same menu or the table is not set the same way.  When I look through it, I am reminded of friends that I need to invite over as well as friends who are no longer here.

My journal is pretty simple, just a composition book that you can find at the dollar or discount store.  You can be more elaborate, using a ruled, bounded book or a small notebook would be perfect since you can add sheets as you need.  You could even design sheets, creating a template of what you want to write in your entertaining journal.

Many years from now, when you and I are no longer on earth, our children might find our entertaining log and enjoy it as well.  Maybe it will serve as a snapshot of what life was like when you were a newlywed or all the bridal or baby showers you hosted. It could even bring new life to old recipes.

So, go ahead and join me on the nerdy side; it is pretty fun over here! 🤓


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