Summer Camp…Not Just for Kids


You may have noticed that I am a grown up who wants to do all the fun things that kids get to do. I never got to go to camp as a young person, so I have decided that summer camp is on my bucket list!

Three or four months ago, while lamenting I had never attended a camp, I decided to do an internet search to see if any were out there for adults.  I knew there were retreats based on fun topics like scrapping and quilting, but I wanted to do exactly what the kids do at camp.


After a brief survey of what is out there for adults, I realized that I must not be alone! There is a camp for just about everyone. Some seem more like drinking and partying camps; some offer more adult-related activities (like spas and naps); but some, were just right for me! There are a lot of adult camps out there.  They range from cheap to expensive, rigid to laid back, and theme-based to old fashioned.

Camp Bonfire is speaking to my heart! It’s tag line is Real Summer Camp for Adults. It is located on a lake 2.5 hours from New York City. The activities they offer are the ones I am dying to try…capture the flag, night hikes, glow Frisbee, sing-a-longs, cooking, bonfires, hammocks, free time, survival skills, archery, drawing, etc.


There is also one closer to home that has captured my interest as well…Camp Grounded, which is digital free. It actually rotates around the country, but does have a Texas session near Marble Falls. It too has many of the same summer camp activities. It actually has some activities that I have not heard of, so there are plenty from which to choose.

It appears that both of these camps are just for fun. They have rules that must be abided by and genders each have their own sleeping quarters.  All of this is totally my speed!


If you missed summer camp when you were young, you have a second chance. So go ahead, check it out. I might just see you there!

Do an Internet search and you will find lots of adult camps.  Here are a few:

Adult Space Academy
Camp Bonfire
Camp Grounded
Camp No Counselors
Camp Throwbank
Camp Wandawega
Soul Camp
Wild Rumpus
Wine Camp
Yellowstone Under Canvas



2 thoughts on “Summer Camp…Not Just for Kids

  1. So cool, I love the idea of adult summer camp. I’m heading to the Tai Chi Gala & Retreat ( ) in the Poconos in June, it’s like adult summer camp for the mind, body, and soul! 🙂

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