London Street Style

A group of guys on their way to work. Dark, European cut suits, and a backpack!

As previously mentioned, I am an Anglophile. Just can’t help myself.

So,  on a recent trip to London I was checking out what the locals were wearing on the streets.

For men:

All men were wearing the European cut jeans, suits, and  slacks.  Age did not matter.

Pop of color socks studded the brogue style shoes. Or maybe no socks at all.

I finally warmed to the man purse.  Sleek, black and cross body…perfect for running around town.

Silver footwear on women are extremely popular on the streets of London. This photo in Covent Garden caught a pigeon and the red phone booths.

For women:

All black ensembles were common.

Shiny silver shoes including brogues or sneakers.

Brogues of any color were everywhere.  Lots of black, burgundy and silver.

Large purses…better to carry everything you might need during the day.

Black tights with skirts, dresses, or tunics  along with Converse, heels, or flats.

Skinny everything…jeans, pants, leggings, jeggings, etc.  Lots of black skinny jeans.

Long hair in twists, pony tails and in clips.

Black leather pants or some variant of leather.

Brogues in a window display.
Brogues in a window display.

For everyone:

Lots and lots of backpacks!

Layered clothing, because you never know what the day will hold.

White trainers (sneakers) were hot!

Rolled up skinny jeans or suits pants.

Mismatched.  Style-wise and color-wise anything went!

Converse of every color, including white, were popular.
Converse of every color, including white, were common. Notice the guy in the middle in skinny jeans and pointed toe shoes.

We saw a bit of everything, like in any big city, but the Londoners seem to have a polished, cosmopolitan look.  I am not sure silver shoes in Sulphur Springs would go over as big as in London, but I am willing to try!

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