Champagne Coupes: The Height of Elegance

Three coupes all awaiting their moment in the sun.
Three coupes all awaiting their moment in the sun.

Whether you drink champagne or not, the beauty (and even sexiness) of a champagne flute (tall and thin bowl with a small opening) or champagne coupe (short, open bowl) are apparent.

In recent years, the flute has been the preferred shape for serving champagne.  The longer the stem and the taller the bowl, make for a truly elegant was to serve an elegant drink.  The tall bowl allows for the bubbles to be clearly viewed and enjoyed.

Flutes vs. coupes.
Flutes vs. coupes.  Both of these modern glasses feature clean lines.

But, what happened to the champagne coupe?   Over time, it fell out of vogue.  If you watch an old black and white movie, you are bound to see them.  I can’t remember the name of the movie, but it was Grace Kelly or Doris Day who was on a boat and ordered a champagne cocktail.  As a young girl that sounded so sophisticated.  I imagined fruit cocktail in a delicious liquid.

This champagne coupe, etched with "Kayla" holds face powder.
This champagne coupe, etched with “Kayla” holds face powder.

The open bowl of a coupe lends itself to several uses in addition to serving bubbly.  I use a personalized champagne coupe to hold my face powder.  It is so pretty, that I leave it displayed on the bathroom counter.


Coupes are also great for serving foods such as ice cream or another dessert or, in the case of the photo, a fruit salad served at breakfast.

The coupes make great pedestals as well. A coupe can be turned over and a cupcake displayed on top.  Or, to add height to a table scape, put condiments in coupes.  Wouldn’t caviar look regal in a crystal champagne coupe!

A beautiful, vintage etched specimen.
A beautiful, vintage etched specimen.

On a crowded table, an upside down coupe would be perfect for elevating a placecard in a stylish manner.  It would also work well for labeling food on a buffet with a raised card.

If you are planning to actually drink champagne from your glass, the tulip shaped champagne glass is thought to be the best for such activity (although my friend said she read that a white wine glass is best).  A flute provides a great opportunity for watching the bubbles rise, and a champagne coupe is perfect for reliving old Hollywood glamour.


Ready for the bubbly to be poured!
Ready for the bubbly to be poured!

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