Savannah: The Food

Paula let me have my photo made with her, but she seemed a little stiff.
Paula let me have my photo made with her, but she seemed a little stiff.

On our recent trip to Savannah, Mike and I planned our dining before we planned our activities.  But yet, there are still interesting restaurants we want to go back to try.

If you are in Savannah and find yourself eating at McDonald’s, you either are on a diet, failed to get reservations or don’t like food.  There is no excuse for going hungry in this town!

First, I must mention the great breakfasts we enjoyed at our bed and breakfast, the Amethyst Garden Inn.  Delicious!  More on the wonderful experience we had at the Inn in another post.

Lobster at its finest!
Lobster at its finest!

Pearl’s Saltwater Grill was our first dinner spot.  It was wonderful.  It was a big, bustling restaurant with great food about 20 minutes from the historic district.  The hush puppies were amazing.  Different than a Texas hush puppy in that they did not have any cornmeal.  We had oysters on the half shell which were also delicious.  As an entree, we had the special for the night which was lobster with crab stuffing, shrimp and sun-dried tomato orzo.  I ate way too much!

Our riverboat lunch.
Our riverboat lunch.

The next day we started with breakfast at the Inn.  We then took a tour of the city, which included a riverboat cruise.  While on the riverboat, we each had a hotdog and soda.  For dinner, we went to Vic’s on the River.  This was one of my favorite restaurants.  The atmosphere was elegant, the food divine, and service was wonderful.   The restaurant is located on the riverfront in the Cotton Exchange area.

Crawfish beignets with Tabasco sauce.
Crawfish beignets with Tabasco syrup.

We started with crawfish beignets with Tabasco syrup…yummy!  We then had the most perfect she crab soup. For the main course, we both had the pan seared jumbo scallops with citrus risotto, lemon-herb cream and truffle oil.

A heaping plate full of goodness!
A heaping plate full of goodness at the Lady and Sons!

The next day, only an hour after we finished breakfast we had a reservation at The Lady and Sons (Paula Deen’s restaurant).  There was a line, but we got right in after the restaurant opened.  We went with the buffet which had a bit of everything on it.  It really was good, especially when considering it is a buffet.  The staff was very friendly and accommodating.  They have done a great job making the old building beautiful.  It is a great experience.  Paula Deen has a store next door which is really nice.  Both Mike and I found goodies there!

Sweet tea, biscuit and a pancake at The Lady and Sons.
Sweet tea, biscuit and a pancake at The Lady and Sons.

My heaping plate included fried chicken, BBQ chicken, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, really tasty mac and cheese, collard greens, and mashed potatoes.  For dessert, I had the chocolate gooey cake.  It was also delish!

My fish dinner at the Olde Pink House.

That night we ate at The Olde Pink House, which is one of the historic homes Jim Williams preserved.  The food and service were good.  We started with shrimp, crab and sausage spring rolls, followed by low country she crab soup.  I had the special which was a fish (can’t recall what type of fish) with mashed potatoes and asparagus.  It was good.

I did not get a photo of my food while on Tybee Island, but Mike got a photo of the Tybee Island shark's food!
I did not get a photo of my food while on Tybee Island, but Mike got a photo of the Tybee Island shark’s food!

The next day we had planned to go to Hilton Head for lunch, but we cancelled.  Instead we went to Tybee Island and ate at a place, Sundae Cafe, that looked like a hole in the wall but was nice inside. The food was really good.  I had the fish taco wrap.

a.Lure's deviled eggs.
a.Lure’s deviled eggs.

For dinner that night, we ate at a.Lure Savannah.  It was good.  Funny thing.  A pretty blonde young lady with a high slit up her skirt walked in in front of Mike and me.  Three middle-aged guys at the bar about fell off their stools to get a long steady look at her.  She never noticed them.

Bourbon Pecan pie at a.Lure.
Bourbon Pecan pie at a.Lure.

The food was delicious and our waitress was so nice.  We started with deviled eggs with pulled pork.  I had the special which was a fish with asparagus and tomatoes.  We shared a slice of bourbon pecan pie for dessert.

We totally enjoyed all our restaurant experiences!  But like all good trips, you always leave some experiences for the next time.  On our food list are:

* Leapold’s Ice Cream – There is always a line so be prepared.  I was told that it is worth the wait.

* Elizabeth on 37th – We couldn’t get a reservation unless we were willing to eat at 9 p.m.  Make sure you get a reservation a week or two in advance.

* 17Hundred90 – We heard it was amazing.

Cafe M is precious!
Cafe M is precious!

* Cafe M French Cafe was so cute!  I could just see myself in there.  It was at located in the Cotton Exchange and very Parisian!

* Gryphon is a cafe that also serves tea.  It is owned by the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).  I heard good things about it.

The Pie Society menu.
The Pie Society menu.

* The Pie Society (the British Pie Company) also looked intriguing.  Traditional English foods available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And of course, tea!

* Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room – I am intrigued and want to try it (and buy a cookbook)!

* Alligator Soul Restaurant – We heard it was wonderful from several sources.


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