Savannah: Things to Do

The Georgia Queen.
The Georgia Queen.

Mike and I have been on a tangent about visiting southern cities with charm.  Natchez was followed by Natchitoches, and now we add Savannah!  I feel Charleston in our future!

Savannah has a lot to offer all around the town, but I am going to focus on the historic district and some of the hot spots.  Of course, there is an outlet mall near the airport so save room in your luggage.

A pier on Tybee Island.
A pier on Tybee Island.

Tybee Island is a cute little island with a beautiful beach.  The white sand, large boardwalk, and quaint businesses are an idyllic setting.  Lots of cute shops, restaurants, art galleries, and ice cream parlors are a nice diversion from the sea.

Trolley Tours.  There are a few different companies providing trolley tours.  We took the Old Town Trolley Tour and added the riverboat cruise and tour of   The Massie Heritage Center.  Another line, Old Savannah Tours, has historical re-enactors come aboard the trolley to share Savannah’s history.

The back wall at Colonial Park Cemetery holds broken headstones. The headstones were broken by Union soldiers' horses.
The back wall at Colonial Park Cemetery holds broken headstones. The headstones were broken by Union soldiers’ horses.

Colonial Park Cemetery.  In the heart of the historic district, one will find the Colonial Park Cemetery.  It features lovely old trees, old headstones, and a wall made up of headstones broken by the horses of Union soldiers while the soldiers camped out in the cemetery.  It makes for a wonderful walking tour.

Ghost Tours.  You can choose a walking tour or a tour from an open top hearse.  We enjoyed our tour.


Riverboat.  The Riverboat was a fun afternoon tour.  As you float along, you are told what you are seeing along the banks.  They offer dinner cruises, as well, that appeared to include dancing.

Carriage Rides.  Savannah is the perfect town for a carriage ride.  The moss laden trees and up lights create a lovely atmosphere for a nighttime ride through the historic district.

The Andrew Low house.
The Andrew Low house.

Tour of homes.  There are plenty of historic homes to tour any time of year.  We chose to tour the Andrew Low house and the home of Jim Williams.  During the garden tour, there are even more to see.  Check the internet for dates.

Huge St. Patrick’s Day celebration (2nd largest in the country behind Chicago).  I have not attended, but they were preparing for the celebration when Mike and I were there.  It looks like it is big!

Hilton Head.  A nice day trip, offering beautiful sights and restaurants.

Massie Heritage Center.  This is an old schoolhouse in the historic district that has turned into a great place to learn about the history of the area.  A laser-light show projected on a model of the city helps to illustrate how the fires and squares helped to shape what we see today.

Forsyth Park
Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park.  Amazing!  The large white fountain on the north end of the park is breathtaking.  It was fun just to sit beside it and watch the people go by.

Theatre Performances.  There are two theatres in Savannah:  Lucas Theatre for the Arts and the Historic Savannah Theatre.  Sadly, we were unable to attend a performance, but Mike has gone to the Savannah Theatre and enjoyed it immensely!

Leapold’s Ice Cream.  I did not get a chance to eat any of their ice cream because there was always a line.  However, we did hear that the ice cream was worth the wait!

The menu for the Lady & Sons.
The menu for the Lady & Sons.

Paula Deen’s store and restaurant, the Lady and Sons.  The store had some really cute items and plenty of autographed books.  The restaurant food was delicious.  Make sure to get a reservation so that you aren’t stuck in the long line waiting to get in.

Part of the Cotton Exchange Building.
Part of the Cotton Exchange Building.

The Cotton Exchange.  This old building that runs along the riverfront was where cotton was bought and sold.  It has turned into a thriving area of town, offering restaurants, stores, souvenirs, and bars.  From what we saw, it stays busy both day and night.  Inside the restaurant, Vic’s on the River, there is still a map of Sherman’s march from Tennessee through Georgia, drawn by Union soldiers.  It was discovered in a 1901 renovation of the building and is preserved under a plexiglass window.

Polanski Park's monument. Each park had its own characteristics.
Polanski Park’s monument. Each park had its own characteristics.

Monuments and Parks.  The 22 remaining square parks around which the town was built are each beautiful in their own way.  Many are named for someone, but hosts a monument to someone else.  I did not see any two that were alike.

The interior of the Cathederal St. John the Baptist.
The interior of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.  What a beautiful church.  It is open for tours when Mass is not being held.  It is so intricate on the outside and inside as well.  Designed in the French Gothic architectural style, it was completed in 1976.

Bonaventure Cemetery.  The now famous photo of the statue that graced the cover of the book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, was photographed in this cemetery.  It has since been moved, but the cemetery still offers plenty of interesting headstones.  It is touted as “one of the world’s most beautiful cemeteries.”

One of many historical markers in Savannah.
One of many markers in Savannah.  This one is located in Colonial Park Cemetery.

These are just a few of the many things to see and do while visiting Savannah.  There are Segway tours, tons of historical markers, beautiful homes that can be enjoyed on a walking or driving tour, and of course historic churches.  It is a great place to visit!

A perfect blossom on display at Forsyth Park.
A perfect blossom on display at Forsyth Park.

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