Theatre Britain

The program from my first Theatre Britain production. It was so enjoyable!

All good things must come to an end and so it shall with Theatre Britain.

I live in a town that has amazing performing arts…symphony league, community theatre, etc.  We are truly blessed.  But every now and then, I go to Dallas to augment my arts fix.

For a few years I have been hearing about Theatre Britain, which performs several productions a year in downtown Plano.

A few months ago a friend and I went to see “Will You Still Love Me in the Morning?”  It was really well done!  The actors did a great job, the staff was friendly and helpful, and the overall experience was wonderful.

Here is the sad part:  one of the key volunteers is moving back across the pond, and Theatre Britain will no longer exist after this season.

There are still four more productions to go!  Currently showing is “Let It Be Me,” which I plan to attend!  To learn more about the season and to buy tickets click here.

One thing I haven’t mentioned…the performers say their lines with a British accent.  Of course, as an Anglophile, that is right up my alley!  Theatre Britain puts on a traditional English panto each year.  If you are not familiar with a panto, Google it (or go to the Theatre Britain website).  It looks enjoyable!

I discovered this jewel all too late!  I keep thinking something will get worked out so that Theatre Britain will continue (of course I have no idea if that is possible).  What I do know is that I plan to attend every performance this season so that I don’t miss an ounce of the fun.  Won’t you join me?

Bonus Information:  Have you been to the British Emporium in Grapevine?  If not, it is worth the trip.  They carry (wait for it)…all things British!  Teapots, tea towels, tea, tea cakes, jams, jellies, biscuits (cookies for those who don’t speak British), and tons of other fun things beckoning for you to buy them.  Check out their website by clicking here.  Through their emails, I learned of Theatre Britain.

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