Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


Buenos días!  Cómo estás?

Okay, so my three years of high school Spanish have long been forgotten.  Being a Texan means that we have a strong influence of the Mexican culture.  A week without Tex-Mex food just isn’t going to happen around here.

Of course, May 5 is celebrated because that is when, in 1862, the Mexican Army defeated the French at the Battle of Puebla.  The interesting thing, from what I understand, is that Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more in the US than in Mexico (I guess we are always looking for a reason to celebrate!).  Apparently, the town of Puebla is the focal point for celebrating in Mexico.

Just think, if this battle had been lost, the south of the border influence on Texas would be French!

Cinco de Mayo is a great time to have a party!  The food, the music, the bright colors and culture come together to make for a wonderful evening with friends and family.


Here is my plan for a fun night of celebrating:

The dining table has to be a focal point.  A brightly colored tablecloth (or Mexican throw, if you have it) and multicolor dishes will echo the colors of the flora and fuana of Mexico.  Fiestaware brand dishes would be perfect.  Fresh multi-color flowers in a bright pink vase would look lovely in the middle of the table.

Other items that can decorate the table or around the house include sombreros, maracas, and pottery.


Offer a margarita bar with pitchers of a couple of different flavors of margaritas.  Let guests serve themselves.  Have plenty of ice, glasses and limes on hand. If you don’t like margaritas, then offer your favorite drink that features tequila.

Ideas for what to wear include an embroidered peasant blouse, a Mexican wedding dress, boots, western wear, or anything bright and festive.


Entertainment could include a mariachi band if you have one in your area, a piñata, and Mexican music playing in the background.

Ideas for a Tex-Mex menu include:

Tortilla chips with hot sauce and guacamole
Refried beans
Sopapillas with strawberries and whipped cream
Mexican sodas (such as Jarritos brand)

If you aren’t interested in cooking, you can order carry-out from a local Mexican fod restaurant.


If the weather permits, it would be a great night to build a campfire and sit outside while sipping a Jarritos soda or Dos Equis beer.

What a great way to entertain while celebrating the Mexican culture.  Olé!


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