The drive to the hiking trails provides beautiful scenery.

About five years ago I went on my first hike (or at least the first one I can recall).  It was at Beavers Bend State Park, and it was amazing.  I loved walking through the forest, seeing trees, streams, abandoned structures, moss, and relics of wildlife.

Gorgeous colors dotted every mountain.

Hiking at Beavers Bend has become my favorite activity to do when I am in the Hochatown area.  It is right there with campfires, the hot tub, and eating at Moontower or Grateful Head Pizza.

A lovely view while on the hike.

Last week I had the opportunity to hike in Utah, near Kamas.  We had planned one hike but found ourselves on another.  It was even better than Beavers Bend.  The hike is considered moderate terrain.  We walked along snow covered trails around Mount Watson.  There were breath-taking views of evergreen trees, lakes and snow capped mountains.  We crossed streams, walked across rock plateaus, saw paw prints for animals of every sort (Mike kept reassuring me that they were all dogs! 🐶).

The rushing water was loud but provided a magical setting.

The air smelled of spruce and pine and clean and cold and snow.  I couldn’t wait to get home and light a few evergreen scented candles.  They produce a reminiscent smell, but not an exact replica.

Interesting icicles had formed on this log from water running off a mountain.

Though the parking lot was full, we didn’t see that many folks along the way.  Lots of hikers were leaving when we were entering.  The others folks must have been on one of the numerous other trails.  Lots of hikers had their dogs, both big and small.  There was the cutest little white dog, named Charlie, that was wet and muddy but so happy to be outdoors.  He and his owners were leaving as we entered the park.  Charlie wanted to go back up with Mike and me.

Snow selfies!

Two years ago when we were out this way, we went a bit farther from Park City on 150 to Mirror Lake.  We had no hiking gear but did walk around the lake.  It was lovely and still.  We did not see any other hikers that day.

One of the hikes we took. It was a wonderful way to spend a morning.

I have never been an athletic person, nor an outdoor person.  But, I think hiking may be changing what I thought I knew about myself.  I now own three pairs of hiking boots, rain gear for hikes, a daypack with water bladder and some really great hiking socks.  Michael thinks I need to add trekking poles to my gear, but so far, I am fine without them.

A stylish pair of new hiking boots.
However, I ran off and left all my hiking boots at the condo and found myself on a snow covered hiking trail in tennis shoes. Thankfully they worked!

I will keep to the easy and moderate trails because “intense” is not a word to which I am drawn.  For me, hiking is about fun and nature, not necessarily the challenge.

Every view was magnificent!

Are you a hiker?  If so, where are your favorite trails to hike?

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