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In the course of planning an afternoon tea, I researched the Price family crest, which led to researching the Price family motto.  Although there are several versions of both out there, many based on the country and location of the Price family, the one that popped out at me is the motto is Vita brevis gloria aeterna, Latin for “Life is short, glory eternal.”

The world of heraldry is full of fascinating and detailed rules and history.  Originally, coats of arms did not include mottos.  At somepoint they came into vogue, and some families chose to add them.  Mottos are actually not considered part of a crest and can be changed by the family at will.  Many families do not use a motto.

Being a Texan, it kind of made me think of registered cattle brands.

The Price family motto’s meaning is in context to the battlefield, but it made me start thinking about the real meaning of eternal glory.  It is so true, life is short, but during our brief moment on earth, we should be looking for our eternal glory.

I actually like this motto and hope to keep it as a reminder for what is important.  I may not be defending  king and country on the battlefield, but I am keeping my eye on Heaven rather than earth.   While here, which is ever so brief,  my service should be to the true King.   Maybe I will display it as a reminder.

Have you ever researched your family motto?  Is it a sentiment that you can live by?  Does it inspire you?  Maybe you can make your own!

Bonus Information:  Coats of Arms date back to Medieval times when they were used for identity on the battlefield.

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  1. Hi:) while getting ready for my grandparents garage sale today I came across a copy of the certificate for the Price coat of arms. So I would assume we are related. It had belonged to my great grandmother Mrytle Price Peterson. Anyway small world, God bless:)

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