The Adventures of Archie

Archie loves to sit in the sun.

I have been remiss by not sharing any recent photos of Archie, so here are a few photos of this crazy dog.

Archie has never been one to dig in the trash, but he did recently and was rewarded with a Sonic bag. The look of guilt!

Archie got a bit of a wild streak around Thanksgiving.  He over indulged in many things…which sent him to the pet hospital in the middle of the night.  He soon recovered and is back to his normal self.  We did learn he loves uncooked Raman noodles.

All wrapped up and ready for bed.

All of the cold days and nights have hampered Archie’s fun.  He has taken lots of naps and cuddled up more than usual.  He has even turned into a bit of a lap dog.

Even though it was Archie’s bedtime, he didn’t want to lie down for the night.
Archie did not seem happy about having his photo taken.
Archie got to visit Santa, although Santa seems to be asleep.

Archie got to sit in Santa’s lap and make a few requests which were sadly not granted.  Smartly, Santa knew that Archie did not need to eat steak everyday!

Archie laughing from being tickled.
Archie getting ready to turn in for the night.

We love Archie and have the most fun with him and his antics!

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