April Fool’s Day



Let the pranks begin! All you need are cookies and Pop Rocks to have a bit of April Fool’s Day fun!

I love a bit of mischief on April Fool’s Day is fun!  Don’t you recall gags or pranks on your siblings and family when you were younger?

A delicious cookie just waiting for an unsuspecting person with a sweet tooth.

My sister actually pulled the most amazing April Fool’s prank on me ten years ago.  She had a guy call and say he was from our state regulatory agency.  He raked me over the coals and promised to fine me for each of my misdemeanors.  He never laughed or gave up the gag.  I honestly thought we were in trouble for not having received notice that we were about to be audited.  As hard as I have tried, I have never come remotely close to getting her back.

Just two ingredients and a few minutes, and your prank is ready to serve!

This year, I am going to take to the kitchen for my foolery.  Here is what I have lined up.  Not big, but will do the trick!  I plan to buy or make homemade Pop Rocks (look on Pinterest for the recipe) as well as homemade tulle cookies or another thin cookie recipe (check the web for ideas).  I plan to dot the cookies with the pop rocks, for a bit of a surprise!  Just wait until my colleagues and family get one of those in their mouth.

Open a package of Pop Rocks, and empty the contents in a shallow bowl. Dip the frosting from each cookie in the Pop Rocks.

If you don’t want to cook, you could do something similar with the iced cookies from the bakery (like Lofthouse iced cookies) and a package of Pop Rocks (available on Amazon.com) sprinkled on top!


So what do you have planned for this fun day of practical jokes?  Surely you have something up your sleeve to share with your family and friends!

Repackaged and ready to take to the office!

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