The Downton Abbey Movie

By now all Downton Abbey fans must be aware of the movie being released in September.  I am not one to stand in line for opening night at the movies…except maybe for this one!

As a wind-up to the big day, I will rewatch all episodes, make or purchase a Downton Abbey appropriate outfit, and enjoy many hot cups of The Republic of Tea’s Downton Abbey blends.  I will mourn the loss of Sybil, laugh at every dry quip from the Dowager, and fret over all of Thomas Barrow’s con games and threats.  Each formal dinner will allow me to enjoy an era long over before my birth.  And although there were many attrocities during that time, there must have been something comforting in knowing one’s station.  I am convinced that I would have been a parlor maid, but maybe the keys of the household might one day have been entrusted to me!

By the way, if you have not read any of the books or blog posts by Lady Fiona Carnarvon, then now is a good time to dive in!  Lord and Lady Carnarvon are the inhabitants of the real life Downton Abbey, known as Highclere Castle.  Lady Carnarvon  is a really good writer and always offers insights of interest to the reader about Highclere Castle, past residents, and the history of both.  You can find her blog posts here.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for the movie, here is the link.  I can’t wait ‘til September!


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