Travels with My Nephew

Every trip to London requires a photo at a iconic, red telephone booth.
Every trip to London requires a photo at an iconic, red telephone booth.

A long time ago, when my nephew was probably 5 or 6, we took our first solo trip.  We flew to Midland to visit my Aunt Pinkie and Uncle Henry.  I remember Price sitting next to me on the plane and looking out the window, while I hand pieced a quilt top.  He has always loved flying and now has his private pilot’s license.

Our next outing was when he was 8 years old.  Our spring breaks coincided, and his mom’s did not.  That year we went to Arkansas.  The parks were amazing!  Price (and I) loved the Crater of Diamonds and Queen Wilhelmina, in particular.  We played endless rounds of Connect Four!   We sang, we laughed, we took lots of photos.

We visited Nimrod Dam on our trip to Arkansas. At 8 years old, saying Nimrod Dam was pretty much like cussing.
We visited Nimrod Dam on our trip to Arkansas. At 8 years old, saying Nimrod Dam was pretty much like cussing!

The hours spent together as I drove my Explorer down the highway are irreplaceable.  It was a wonderful trip full of memories that I hope he cherishes…I know I do!

The next year was a western path to Lubbock, Monahans, and Roswell.  We saw bats, toured the Alien Museum,  slid down sand hills on a plastic disk, and visited the New Mexico Military Institute (Price told me it was Roger Staubach’s alma mater) and Texas Tech (it is never too early to make college visits!).

About 10 years ago, my sister, nephew and I went to Hawaii. Fun!
About 10 years ago, my sister, nephew and I went to Hawaii. Fun!

London was our destination for Price’s 10-year old spring break.  We had a rocky start (I left my wallet at home), so we took the offer to give up our seats in exchange for free tickets for a future trip and an overnight in a hotel room.  We would then fly to London the next day…in first-class.  Yay!

First Class…whoohoo!

We saw all sorts of sights on that trip including the Millenium Dome, Tower of London, and Portobello Road.  We took the Jack the Ripper tour, had fish and chips, and dined at the Texas Embassy.  Price climbed on top of one of the lions at Trafalgar Square for a photo-op.  I only lost him once when he continued walking straight after I had turned into the hotel.

Our send-off party the night before our originally scheduled flight to London.

I think our next trip was to Austin so that Price could get a Boy Scout badge.  A visit to the Bob Bullock Museum was the gateway to the badge!  Although it wasn’t a far-flung destination, it was an equally enjoyable trip.

There was a cruise to Alaska and other fun adventures, but somewhere in high school, Price had other activities during spring break so our tradition went on hiatus.

I am pleased to report that we renewed our travels a few years ago with trips to England, Scotland, and Ireland.  This year we are going to England and Italy.  This year’s added pleasure is for my nephew’s fiancée to join us!

Who knows where we will go next year and in the future.  What I do know is that it will be fun, memorable, and educational.  There is nothing more I could ask from any trip.

In a few years, I may head back to the Crater of Diamonds and Queen Wilhelmina in Arkansas, only this time it will be with my grand niece or nephew!

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  1. I loved reading this so much, Kayla. I didn’t do any travels much with my Aunt Reda B and Uncle Homer Hennen, but they sure rated “#1” with me all my life. They had no kids and so I spent almost every summer with them here in SS and hold so many wonderful memories of them!!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Charlotte, that is such a sweet memory! Thank you for sharing! You know all my special aunt and uncle stories. How boring life would have been without them! 🥰

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