Coffee Candy

Okay coffee lovers, your ship has come in (or at least your candy)!   One of our favorite little sushi/hibachi restaurants has a bowl of candy by the check out.  Mint lifesavers share the space with the more rare coffee candies.    We dig until we find two coffee candies, so that we each can have one.

We have commented on the great taste of the coffee candy, and the staff tells us other customers feel the same way.

The little individually wrapped candies feature a small rectangle of hard candy which is perfectly flavored and sweetened. No bitterness in that taste.

I found them on and ordered a few small bags.  The problem is that I can’t have just one piece and stop!  They are so addicting that I usually have three or four at a time.

If you enjoy the flavor of coffee, these are a great treat to keep in your desk or purse.  They hit the spot when you don’t have time for a cup of coffee!

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