Hamilton Review

Confession time:  I was not a good history student.  I remember the name Alexander Hamilton, but I did not recall the specifics of his contributions to our county.

Hamilton was an amazing, educational performance by a gifted group of singers and dancers!  The story provided the details without having to know the story.

My husband was concerned that he might not enjoy the performance since the music is described as Rap.  But, it was perfect.  Actually to me it seemed more like military cadences than Rap songs .  However you describe it, it fit.

We saw Hamilton at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in the Broadway District of New York City.  The line to get in, with tickets, wrapped around the building to the street behind the theatre.  The line went fast and was efficient, so no complaints!

The theatre was a wonderful, ornate facility.  Even though we were in the mezzanine, we had a great view.  The staff had the logistics of getting the audience in and out quickly.  They were also pleasant while accomplishing this task.

The stage.

I am a big set lover, so when we were first seated, the set was bland.  However, it worked perfectly for the performance, was convertible when it needed to be, and was only a backdrop to the performances put on by the cast!

The performance had adult language and content.  I don’t think I would feel comfortable taking a child with me to the performance.   There was a young man (maybe 7 years old), next to me, who seemed to do fine with it all.  He was very mature for his age; he sat through the performance without fidgeting or sleeping.

The musical offered moments of laughter and moments of crying all wrapped (rapped) up in a delightful presentation. It really was deserving of all the hype and accolades it has received.

If you have an opportunity to see Hamilton, you are going to want to jump at it!



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