Have You Checked Out Keds Tennis Shoes Lately?


Have you shopped Keds lately?  You know, the brand of tennis shoes that so many of us grew up wearing every day.   I am not sure what brought them to my attention, but I am LOVING so many Keds styles!

My first pair of Keds in many years was in July,  They are a lovely gray suede pair of slip-ons.  They go with everything and are so comfortable!

My second pair was canvas embroidered with flowers.  They were a joint effort between Keds and Rifle Brand.   Too cute!

My third and fourth pairs were pink and taupe suede slip-ons.  The suede slip-ons have become my go-to shoes that I wear every day.   And my feet are so happy!

I have since added black leather and burgundy suede slip-ons as well as a traditional pair of sneakers in white with blue trim. Now I have a pair of Keds for every day of the week.

Jeans, shorts, dresses, lounge wear all style perfectly with Keds!  And there is a large size offering on the Keds website  I have a very small, but wide, foot, so I was excited to see that they offer my size.

Keds has co-branded with some of my favorites.  In addition to Rifle Paper, they also have a collection with Kate Spade!  The style range offers something for everyone, from traditional ‘80s sneakers to modern platforms, they have you covered.

The best part is that Keds have frequent sales and offers so you don’t have to feel guilty if you buy more than one pair!

I may be wrong, but I believe Keds are made in Michigan.  An article from 2016 said they they were building a manufacturing facility in Michigan.  I hope so!  Keds to me are right up there with baseball, apple pie and Ford!

Now if they will offer the white leather t-strap flat that I wore every summer as a young girl I will be happy!

As always, I have not been paid for my endorsement.  I just wanted to share a stylish, quality and practical pair of great tennis shoes!

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