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Fun reads!

Since we all have a bit of time to catch up on our reading, I have been reading some of the magazines that have collected around my house. Although I enjoy reading books, I also enjoy magazines.  It seems easier to fit an article in every now and then throughout the day than to get engrossed in a book.

My longtime favorite magazines are “Victoria” and “Town and Country.”  “Victoria” offers lots of glimpses of fun and unique things, recipes, and amazing photography.  “Town and Country” offers intriguing articles.  I love to read it and then pass it on for someone else to enjoy.

Martha Stewart’s magazine is another favorite that I have taken off and on throughout the years.  It is fun to read and has some great photography!

All you need for a relaxing day by the pool…magazines, hat and sunblock!

A new favorite is “Mary Jane’s Farm.”  It contains an eclectic mix of cooking, gardening, sewing, crafting and good ol’ fashion interesting articles.  A friend gave this to me as a gift and I have loved it!

“Dogster” is another great one.  Cute photos of precious dogs as well as sound advice and research make it enjoyable.  It too was a gift.

I made the dish drying pad from a pattern in Mary Jane’s Farm. I altered the size to fit my need. It was so easy to make and gets used every day!

“Victoria,” “Martha” and “Mary Jane’s Farm” are all keepers.  I have all the issues I have received through the years!  At one point Martha offered an index so that you could find in which issue an article appeared.  Now it seems like several of her articles are available online as well.

“Texas Monthly” and “Down East” are two magazines that I have enjoyed off and on through the years.  We took “Texas Monthly” at the office since it had a broad appeal to men and women.  “Down East” was originally a gift from a friend.

What are your favorite magazines?  Do you prefer to read magazines over books or vice versa?

Sometimes magazines are so good that I read them more than once.

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