While I Was Away

Isn’t this lovely? Sadly, it is not my garden!

During my brief hiatus from blogging, I took the time to research, reflect, and renew.  One of the random things I learned, was that there is a growing trend of people returning to a simple, self-sustaining type of life. They are a modern homesteader. Many of these people seem to be young families. They homeschool their children, grow their vegetables, milk their cows, preserve their extra food, and pretty much, live off the land.  Although they refrain from owning a TV, they seem to be into technology.

My research found that, historically, many people adopt the homesteader lifestyle during times of uncertainty, such as pandemics and acrimonious elections.  Maybe these folks will continue, though!

Such straight rows! Still, not my garden!

I kind of like this idea. If I were younger and fitter, I might just give it a try. However, I doubt I could make it.  A woman cannot survive on herbs alone, and that seems to be the only crop that I can successfully grow.

My bell peppers plants did thrive this summer, but they all seemed to develop at once. I did not have a constant crop that could be enjoyed over time. So I shared my small bounty and added bell peppers to a few dishes in the kitchen.  And, my tomato plants did produce a few tomatoes, but not enough at one time to top a salad.  Mostly they were eaten warm off the vine as they matured.  I will say that my homemade screen did the trick; the birds had to go elsewhere to find tomatoes to peck.

So colorful and healthy! Again, not my garden!

I hope by next summer that I will have a real garden with raised beds and a garden shed…maybe even a few chickens and bees to round out my agri-existence here on my little farm.

There also seems to be a growing number of people that are adopting a capsule or 10 item wardrobe (which can actually be more than 10 items) as well as a minimalistic lifestyle – neither because they have to, but because they choose to!  I do know that if I had it all to do over again, I would adopt both!  I am sure many folks could retire earlier, with a larger retirement fund if more of us chose these philosophies.

Such sweet little romaine! Finally, this is my garden! I am starting small!

Another prong of this “return to a simplified lifestyle” is to reduce the strain humans create on the earth and to improve our health.  You will find that many homesteaders don’t purchase single-use plastics and limit the number of chemicals they use in their homes.  Paper towels are replaced with reusable cloths, and foods, if not homegrown, are organic and tend to be plant-based.

It is a lot to take in and a daunting task for anyone choosing to make homesteading their way of life.  But it is also so noble and worthwhile.  Let’s hope it is a trend that continues regardless of societal fears.

My herbs! I was able to overwinter them, just by moving them to the back patio and covering them with cardboard covered in a dry cleaner bag. I doubt if Neil Sperry uses that technique!

Oh, and I did a lot of cooking while I was away, so watch for recipe reviews!

I received my November subscription box of essential oils from Simply Earth, and it is a hit!  I made my first candle!  I can’t wait to try out the other recipes that are included with the oils.  If you want to give it a try, use the coupon code KAYLAP506, and you will receive a $50 voucher which can be used for $10 off your first 5 months of subscription boxes.  Just go to www.simplyearth.com to learn more.  With your first order, you receive a Bonus Box that provides you with a few extra supplies like empty roll-on bottles, etc.

This post is not sponsored, and I am not an affiliate of Simply Earth.  I just found something that I enjoy and thought that I would share!

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