Last Week in Photos

As the sun sets on Thanksgiving 2020, it means Christmas is just around the corner!I feel like I just finished a marathon, and I bet you may be feeling the same!  We kept Thanksgiving small with just our boys home for a few days.  Archie had a great time and was happy to have the guys home to pay him some attention.

Although our Thanksgivings may have been a bit different this year, I hope you each were able to reflect on the many reasons we have to be thankful.  With the long nights of fall, we have plenty of time to reflect.

Cooking took much of my time last week.

For me, Thanksgiving involved lots of cooking.  Of course, that is fine with me!  Normally, we might go out to eat for a meal, but this year we did not get a chance to venture out.  Between Mike grilling and the boys having some requests, we just stayed home and cooked.

And washing dishes seemed to occupy the rest of my time last week.

Of course, the cooking led to lots of cleaning.  I ran the dishwasher twice a day.  Normally, I run it once every two days!  It seemed that as soon as I unloaded one clean dishwasher full, it was time to reload and wash again.

The turkey thawing in the fridge.

Thankfully, we had made a plan for the week well in advance, so last minute store runs were because we decided to add something, not because we had forgotten anything important…like the turkey.

Sourdough starter showing some signs of life.

I experimented with my sourdough starter that I fermented a couple of weeks ago.  So far, I have not done a great job with the discard, nor the fed starter.  I will keep trying.

This pumpkin pie had a very ugly crust, but tasted delicious!

Though I never used to be a pumpkin pie fan, my taste buds have changed.  This was our only dessert for the week.  Add a dollop of homemade whipped cream made with Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste, and you are in hog’s Heaven.

Stacks of clean dishes at the ready for the next meal.

Though not my normal arrangement, I left clean glasses and dishes on the sideboard so that those who wanted to get a drink of water or a piece of pie could easily make either happen.  It also made setting the table quicker than normal.

When the candles weren’t burning last week, the diffuser was filling the room with holiday scents.

I always enjoy burning a candle or running a diffuser.  In the diffuser last week was a bit of pine and cedar essential oils which smelled so good.

A bit of rain outside and a few roses inside.

A little rain fell, but that just made me want to stay inside more than ever.  My kitchen window usually sports a flower or greenery.  Last week a couple of knockout roses and a twig of rosemary kept a glass bluebird company on the windowsill.

The Love Roses just keep blooming. This little bud is beautiful and perfect.

Outside, the knockout roses and love roses, with their beautiful petals which are red on the inside and white on the outside, are still blooming along with a few daisies.  I even have a few last tomatoes and bell peppers!

As we start to wrap-up 2020, many of us will be glad to see this year come to an end.  The year has brought many challenges and hardships, but it has also taught us to be strong and resourceful.  I am confident that we will finish the year strong with a meaningful Christmas celebration and a happy end to the year!


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