I have been really pleased with some recent (and one not so recent) purchases.  I just wanted to share!

Terramar Thermasilk Top from Amazon.com

A few years back I purchased Terramar Thermasilk long sleeve top and pants to use as base layers on a winter vacation.  They have served me well for three and a half years, and I just love them.  They add warmth without adding bulk.  I was worried that my pants and jeans might feel too snug with thermal underwear, but I don’t even notice these.  I just realized how much I have enjoyed them when I wore them around the holidays.  I have worn them under dress pants, jeans, hiking pants…I think I even added them under a midi dress one night!  And the top has a perfect neckline, not too high nor low.  The fabric has lots of give, so my curvy figure fits fine.   But they aren’t so stretchy that they fall down.  They stay exactly where they are supposed to be.  I went with white because I felt like they would work better with more outfits.  Dark pants are usually thicker fabric, so the white doesn’t show through.  The same for the top…white has worked well under sweaters, blouses, and knit tops.  The price has gone up (I paid $30 for each piece), but I believe they are worth it!  I also purchased the glove liners, but I got those in black.


Sleeping Wedge from Amazon.com


Sleeping wedge.  I purchased this to help with acid reflux and undereye bags, but the wonderful bonus is that it prevents my back from hurting the next day when I get up.  I purchased the 12″ wedge, but they also make a 10″ wedge.  Shop around because the prices vary greatly.  I believe I paid $45 for mine.  I either don’t use a pillow with it, or I use a very flat pillow with it.  Because it is such a gentle slope, I can sleep on my back or on my side with this.  Yes, it has reduced my undereye bags, and it has helped reduce symptoms of acid reflux.  I would say this is $45 well spent!

Love this stuff! Although available at other stores, this is from Amazon.com

Brew right coffee maker cleaner.  This stuff really gets the grime and gunk out of the coffee pot.  Confession:  I have not been regular with my coffee pot cleaning, but this stuff is assisting with my neglect.  I do feel that it works better than vinegar, which is the only thing I have ever used on those rare occasions when I thought to run a cleaner through the pot.  Even though I try to refrain from buying products that only have one use, this one is worth the storage space.

Lanolin for lips.  I had purchased some Lanolips from Nordstrom and loved it.   Someone had written in the comments that an entire jar of lanolin could be purchased for the same price.  Sure enough, they were correct.  And it works just as well.  The only drawback is that I am not going to throw the entire jar in my purse, so I keep a tube of Lanolips for that purpose.  For vacation, I put a spoonful of lanolin in a snack bag and pack it with my makeup. I love to wear the stuff all day and when I go to bed at night.  It is still on my lips when I get up.  It isn’t sticky or heavy, just moisturizing and silky.   I read somewhere that lanolin was the closest thing to our skin’s own natural moisture.  I am a believer!

As always, I have paid for these products myself…no sponsorships or endorsements.  I am just sharing products that I LOVE!


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  1. Thanks for the heads up about lanolin. I’ve been searching for something besides a load of gravel to roll in. Just bought your brand…arrives Wednesday. I can’t wait.

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