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There is something about fall that can be felt all the way into the bones.  I am not even a big football fan, but I always want to attend a game on a cool night.  And a hayride always seems like a good idea…bundled up and holding a mug of hot chocolate. Even a simple bowl of apples in the center of the table could bring a smile to my face this time of year!

Then there are the clothes with chunky knit sweaters, jeans, rolled socks and boots.  If it is really chilly (probably not in Texas) then hat, gloves and scarves adorn the outfit.  The thought of sweater weather makes me smile!

I recently put out my fall scented liquid soap!

Not to be outdone, the trees and flowers have to get in on the fun by bathing the landscape in autumnal hues of gold, orange, brown, purple, and red.  What a magnificent sight can be had across fields and lawns.

I used to decorate my dining table each month with a different theme.  September was fall, October was Halloween, and November was Thanksgiving.  These were three distinct displays, but with some similarities, such as colors. Fall centered on leaves and autumnal colors, Halloween had pumpkins and orange and black decorations, and Thanksgiving went back to autumnal colors, with lots of turkeys scattered here and there for interest.

It is small, but I like my fall quilted runner. Archie photobombed my picture!

In the last few decades I haven’t had time for monthly decorations.  Every now and then I change the centerpiece on my kitchen island and dining tables. This year, I have only managed to add a few fall touches.  A fall mat I quilted several years ago is now under the centerpiece on a table, and a pumpkin pillow is on the couch.

I did just change out my kitchen candle to Leaves by Bath and Body Works.  It is an amazing scent that fills the house! I also switched out the soap in the guest bath to Michele Design Works’ Fall Harvest.  It makes washing hands so much more fun that plain soap!

So far this season, Leaves has been my favorite autumnal candle scent.

In preparation for the season, I have loaded up on both fall and winter scented candles as well as fall and winter scented liquid soaps!  I have placed an order for pumpkin spice syrup, but it seems the rest of the world has as well.  It is on back order.  Now I need to stock up on Apple cider mix and hot chocolate.  I do have the hot tea mix (made with Tang) ready to go.  I love that stuff!

I usually put some pumpkins on the front porch as a nod to the season.  These stay in place until front porch Christmas decorations go up in late November.

I must admit, right now I am wanting to add garlands of leaves to my fireplace and front door; place corn stalk people on the porch along with the usual pumpkins; and add  a pumpkin display to my kitchen island.  I kind of think I want to go over-the-top with Fall decorations,

One of my longest running projects, a fall candle mat.

The need to craft is also strong!  I just saw an HGVT Instagram reel (short video) on how to make a velvet pumpkin which looked so cute!  I also want to make a pennant garland with fall fabrics.  And a crochet afghan in fall colors would look lovely with the pumpkin pillow, although it is definitely above my skill level!  I still have a fall candle mat that I started a very long time ago that needs to be finished.  It would look nice on the kitchen island since I always have a candle burning in there.

What are your fall decorating plans?  Have you already started?  I have noticed on Facebook and Instagram that lots of folks are going straight to Halloween.  Are you skipping fall decorations this year?  Maybe some folks are starting their Christmas decorating!

A little pillow adds a bit of fall to a couch.

Whatever your decorating plans, large, small or nonexistent, I hope you enjoy the morning frost, chilly nights, and all the delights that fall has to offer!

Foaming soap:  https://amzn.to/3tDldmM
Candle: https://amzn.to/3z8mxPM
Candle mat kit (similar):  https://amzn.to/3z9GHZM
Pillow (similar):  https://amzn.to/3liOIXr

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