A Few Resolutions

I have written on this blog, more than once, about new year’s resolutions.  One year, I even had weekly posts on healthy habits to adopt that week.  I finally gave up because it didn’t seem anyone was interested…me included!

What are the main categories of new year’s resolutions?  Top resolutions generally focus on finances, health, weight, habits and self-improvement.  From time to time, we each may be more focused on one resolution category or another.

Last year, I was a bit more successful than usual in meeting some of my goals.  Although I had had a YouTube channel for a while, I hadn’t created any content.  Last year, I filmed my first YT video!  I am finishing the year with 40 videos!  This year I plan to publish 52.

I also lost a little weight and got more regular with walking on my treadmill and increasing my water drinking.  These things will not set the world on fire, but any improvement is still improvement! This year I plan to continue the momentum, as slight as it may be!

Ultimately, I am a planner and a goal setter.  Be it new year’s resolutions or a to-do list for the day, I like to write down my plan and then just check things off.    I like to write my daily to-do lists in a notebook.  Each day gets a new page that I can add things that need to be done that day as I think of them.  I check them off once accomplished and write down any notes (such as how I communicated and what the response was).  This has proved to be invaluable as I try to track down what was done, said, etc.

One year, I wrote the same three goals at the top of each page.  I had thought it would help me focus on the big things I wanted to accomplish.  It really just became something I ignored since it was the same each day.  My eye would skip right over them and start with the first to-do unique to that day.  Now that my days are somewhat more paced, I may try it again.  I think my three things dealt with walking, drinking water, and eating healthily.  If I would read and act on the three at the top of the daily list, it surely would go a long way toward the improvements that I want to see by the end of the year.

My favorite notepads for keeping my to-do lists are a composition notebook and an Ampad spiral notebook.  The former can be found on sale for great prices at the beginning of each school year.  The latter is a bit more expensive (and more difficult to find locally), but the spiral bound feature works really well for me, and the hard back helps provide stability for writing as I wander around my office or home.  I carry it with me when I travel and pretty much everywhere I go.  If I don’t write things down, then I never remember to do them!

What are your favorite tips for accomplishing your goals?  Do you keep track of your goals with paper and pen, electronically, or some other method?

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