Surviving Summer Heat

Summer in the South is like a sauna.  Lots of heat and steam…usually coming from my torso!  And to stay decently clothed, one must devise techniques that keep the torso covered when in public, but helps one keep their cool at the same time.  This is where (wear) the problem begins!

To combat said heat and steam, I have found a few aids to make it through the day.  My absolute favorites are detailed below.

  1.  A rechargeable, purse size fan.  This little number is cute as well as effective against withering in the heat.  It pretty much stays in my summer basket bag as I run around town working and taking care of errands.  Circulated heat is not nearly as bad as still heat.  That is why ceiling fans are such a relief…as is this little number.  To find it, click here.
  2. In addition to my purse fan, I also like to have a little fan plugged into my office computer.  When I turn on my computer, my little fan comes on as well.  It really makes a big difference on a hot summer’s day!  You can find similar fans here or here.
  3. Cool, cotton or linen summer dresses.  Knee length provides extra comfort, but midi or maxi aren’t bad either if you choose a breathable fabric such as an all-natural cotton or linen.  The only strange thing to me is that I keep seeing cute cotton and linen spring and summer dresses with long-sleeves.  Those can be cut off in a pinch!    Here are a few favorites:  here or here or here.
  4. Slip shorts.  One of the worst things for women in summer heat is having our thighs stick together under those summer dresses!  I choose to go with a pair of slip shorts which glides away from your body while serving as a slip AND keeping your thighs from touching.  To see my favorite brand, click here and here and here.
  5. Summer sandals.  There is something about having your toes exposed that seems to give a cooling effect to your body.  Think Jack Nicholson in Something’s Gotta Give!  Even your feet peeking out from under the covers will cool you down.  Summer sandals don’t have to be flat nor high-heeled.  Those with plantar fasciatus or other foot issues can find a great pair of sandals to enjoy for the summer.  My summer favorites are these:  here and here and here.
  6. While gardening, I always reach for a large straw hat or a light-colored ball cap.  Either of these will help protect your face and head from the sun’s rays.  The former will even help protect your neck and ears.   Some of my favorites are here, here and here.  I also love the Vineyard Vines ballcaps, such as this.
  7. While you are creating a cool outfit, you may want to consider a basket bag.  Not only are they cute for the summer months, but they are also lighter weight than a leather purse.  I also like the structure they provide.  Some of my favorites are these:  here, here and here.
  8. When I am working outside, I love refreshing with a cold towel when I take a break.  This is one of my favorites that makes a nice gift for those who enjoy gardening, work outside, or just get really hot during the summer!  Click here.
  9. The ultimate way to chill down is with a rechargeable neck fan.  This is especially great for those who work at garden centers or theme parks or for gardeners, tourists, and those enjoying outdoor exercise.   Click here for this indispensable device.
  10. The most important trick of all is to drink plenty of water.  I usually drink room temperature water, but ice water works well too.  A good water bottle can keep your drink cold and/or readily at hand.  Here are a few to consider:  this and this.

Not only are these great tricks to keep in mind for yourself, but many of these items make great gifts for friends and neighbors or anyone looking to stay as cool as possible.  The best part is that most of these items have small price tags, so it is easy to treat others to a little gift!

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