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Whether you need to get ready (or help someone get ready) for college, K-12 school, or just refresh your work modus operandi, I have a few of my own personal favorites to share with you.

The keys to success, no matter your age or grade level, are organization and focus.  These items are what help me accomplish both!

* A well-stocked and thought-out workstation.  Bonus points for great style!

    1. Planner desk pad.  I love to use one of these for work (or school) related deadlines.  Most of us use a phone or calendar for the day-to-day stuff, but I like to have a visual aid for required deadlines.  It is also very satisfying to mark completed tasks off the calendar!  I like the kind with an individual sheet for each month of the year.  I am picky about the size, which shouldn’t be too big (and take up too much desk space), nor too small (without enough room for notes).  My favorite is:
    2. Mouse pad.  I use a very nice leather one at home, but at my office, I like a fun mouse pad.  At my personal office, I use an “At Home with Kayla Price” mousepad, but at my office, I use a fun floral design which can be found here .
    3. Small fan.  I have one of these at most of my computer workstations.  Not only does the air blowing on me feel refreshing (have you ever tried to concentrate when you are hot?), but the noise of the fan cuts out any other distracting noises nearby.  I love these!  They are small and plug into a USB port on the computer.  Here is the last one I purchased:
    4. Box of tissues.  I always like to have tissues close at hand.  Not only are they great for sneezes, but they are good to have in case of a spill.
    5. Hand sanitizer.  I like to keep a large bottle with a pump dispenser on my desk.  It reminds me to use it, but also any guests can feel free to help themselves.  I am using the Grove Collaborative brand as well as these right now.
    6. Healthy snacks.  I like to keep some breakfast bars in my desk so that I reach for a healthy snack instead of a candy bar.  These are my favorite (though they do have more sugar than I need):
    7. Lip gloss.  Pure lanolin is the best and is applied with a small lip brush or clean fingertip.  Lanolips and Laneige Lip Glowy Balm are my current favorites!
    8. Small mirror.  Keep one in your desk drawer for checking teeth or lipstick.  Of course, the younger gals, won’t need this!  This is a cute one:
    9. Hand lotion.  Kiehls is the best.   It is expensive, but it works!
    10. Note pads.  I have several favorites, but these are my top two: and
    11. Post-its.  Go for the fun ones!  Banana yellow is just too boring.  I like these bright colors: and
    12. Pens and pencils that are comfortable to hold and provide smooth writing.  You can’t go wrong with these pencils: and and these pens: and
    13. An adding machine with tape.  We all need this, especially at work and college!  Here is a good one:
    14. A ruler.  These are so good for spreadsheets, straight lines, and rapping your own knuckles if you are falling asleep.  Go old school with this one: or fun with these: or a style statement with this one:
    15. Multi-colors of liquid highlighters.  These soft colors are my favorite:

* The room needs to be conducive to studying and concentrating.

  1. A small Bose radio or CD player is a luxury, but you can always play music on your computer or cell phone.  This is the Bose, which also makes a great gift:
  2. Natural lighting is wonderful, but there will be times when the midnight oils must be burned, so a bright desk lamp is a must.  My favorite is this one:
  3. Don’t forget to use a room spray, oil diffuser, or candle to help you stay focused.  Essential oils such as lemon, rosemary, lavender, frankincense, spearmint, and pine are thought to help with concentration, focus, and mental clarity.
  4. Small fridge stocked with water and other handy, but healthy, drinks.  My favorite bottled drink right now is Bai Coconut with Lime.  I have it on automatic reorder with Amazon.  This is a great size for an under-desk fridge:  These are the Bais:

A really comfortable desk chair is a must along with a clean desk.  For adults, a Herman Miller desk chair ( is the best (my husband uses this one), or I have a pretty and functional desk chair from Pottery Barn.

Be sure to add some personality!  A picture of your favorite people, a small plant (even better if it cleans the air like an ivy or aloe vera), or artwork.  Pick a theme for the room or area.  Go floral, go neon, go ’90s!  There are so many options.  Choose a look that will make you want to spend time at your study or work area.

You and your student(s) will be ready to accomplish any assignment with a work area that is clean, comfortable, and well-stocked.  With a full belly and a good night’s sleep, there will be no stopping you or them!

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