Memories of Halloween

Some of my favorite memories of Halloween aren’t all from my childhood.  Some of the most fun memories are sprinkled throughout my life.

Not too long ago, I was sick with an allergy/sinus problem.  My nose would not stop draining.  My friend and I decided it would be better to go to a movie rather than deal with the thousands of people who would descend on the neighborhood.

I think we were the only folks in town at the movie, so the attendant gave us a tour of the projection room.   Afterwards, we sat in an empty theatre to watch our movie.  I am not even sure if the attendant was in the building the entire time.  We laughed and laughed, and still laugh, about that night.

Halloweens celebrated with my nephew when he was little are a favorite as well.  I recall that we made skull cake dripping with marshmallow frosting.  I think we may have watched some Goosebump movies, which are my kind of scary.  I probably tagged along on some trick or treat outings!

In college, I recall going with a large group to see Pet Cemetery one Halloween.  I did not care for that scary of a movie.  I doubt anyone in the movie theatre enjoyed it since I screamed my lungs out.  I had a sore throat for days afterwards.

One of the best childhood memories was when a neighborhood friend’s family set up a spooky tent which held a touch and feel table.  My friend took me through blind-folded and told me what each jar contained.  Then she put my hand in the jar, and I would feel whatever she told me it was.   I vividly remember her telling me about the intestines, which was really just cooked spaghetti.  After I felt all the gross things, I was allowed to take my blindfold off to see what was actually in the jars.

My favorite costume when I was little was a witch’s costume with a molded, plastic, green face.  It had a crooked nose and big wart that protruded.  I looked forward to wearing it each year until I outgrew it.

I am not much on really scary or demonic things, but a little bit of fright isn’t bad.  Halloween is held in the perfect season as the nights get dark earlier and the weather is cooler.  This time of year holds a mystery all its own, so why not add a few ghouls and goblins to the mix!

Happy Halloween!

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