OMG! Guess who is Mayor?


I live in what many consider a small town.  But when you look at all the towns in Texas, we are actually a medium size town.  Less than 16,000 in population, but we pack a punch.  Our downtown is thriving.  Well worth the drive if you are anywhere near us, or if you just want a cool road trip.

Sulphur Springs is my hometown.  My parents were from here. My grandparents lived here.  It is what I know and love.  The weird thing is that I did not go to school here.  So even though I am from here, I don’t really know folks like I would if I had spent every day here.

After living other places after college, I moved back to Sulphur Springs in 2007 when my sister and I bought a title company.  I have enjoyed working here, living here, and being involved in my community.

About 5 years ago a city council member was elected to be the county judge.  I was appointed to complete his term and have served ever since on the council. A couple of days after my appointment, I saw a bumper sticker that read, “Politicians are like diapers…they need changing often.”  I laughed until I realized that now referred to me!

Per our city charter, the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem are to be selected from the council members by the council.  Last June, the council voted for me to be mayor.

All of that was good and fine until I realized that…dunt, dunt, dunn…I am Mayor!?!  My internal self is 16 and doesn’t feel like she can handle this job.  But my external self is much older (as my mirror reminds me daily)!  I decided to overrule my internal self and tried to make the best of it.

So far, I haven’t done anything too uncouth (or at least that I have been caught doing!).  Although every now and then I forget that, separate from being my same old goofy self, I have a title and responsibility that requires dignity, wisdom and maturity.  I hope that with the Lord’s help, I have risen to the challenge.

I am halfway through my term and just now realized that this is one of the best opportunities I have had to do good.  For example, why did I not read a proclamation for National Wear Red Day in support of women’s heart health (heart disease is the #1 killer of women in America)?  So for the next 4 months, I have got a lot to accomplish.

For anyone wondering if they should get involved in local politics, I would vote yes.  It has been educational, challenging and rewarding.  I have new respect for the paid professionals who run my city and for my fellow volunteer council members who work hard to make our town even better.

To all of you who have taken the plunge and stepped up to local politics, thank you!  I bet your community has benefitted from your involvement.

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