In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I must admit, I have a second man in my life.  I have my main man, who is wonderful, but I am also in love with a cute little four legged guy named Max.  Growing up we had farm dogs, but I never had had an inside dog.  To be honest, I still don’t.  Max is Mike’s dog, but I get to babysit him when Mike needs him out of the house.
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This little Westie was a rescue from Dallas.  Everything we were told (he loves his crate, he doesn’t want anyone touching him when he eats or sleeps, he loves other dogs), was the opposite of what we found.  He can’t stand his crate or other dogs.  But he loves people and wants to be around people all the time, even when he is eating and sleeping.
He is such a good dog!  He never begs for food, rarely barks, never tears up the house, is always ready for a trip, loves to play outside, and loves to snuggle.  If we fail to pet him, he will nuzzle under our hand to remind us of our priority (him).
However, if he is not happy, he lets you know.  I guess I made him unhappy a lot in the early days, because I had started to think I was his personal chew toy.
I have learned to behave, so now all is good.  Max is willing to dress in costume when needed, and I know when he gives me the look, to leave him alone.
If you want some great company, a lot of laughter, and the best friend in the world, get a Westie.  They are the most loyal of dogs. And, Max is just so dang cute!
Here are some of the many faces of Max.  I hope you enjoy looking at my little sweetie.  The folks at Westie Rescue of North Texas are so kind and helpful.  Check them out on Facebook.  They have some great new additions to your family.
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