Tennis, anyone?

close up on a tennis ball resting on the strings of a tennis racket

It is great to live in a town where people are so friendly, helpful and supportive.  We have a great school district, where the parents are encouraging toward the teachers and vica versa.

An example is our wonderful tennis coach, Coach Tony.  If all he did was a great job teaching our students, he would be doing his job.  But because of the kind of person he is, he is offering his second tennis camp for the community…free of charge!

Last fall, he taught a small group of adult women over a six week period.  He is an amazing teacher!  I do not have an athletic bone in my body.  He is patient, articulate, and positive, so much so that he thinks he can teach this old dog some new tricks!

He is currently offering another clinic.  There are about 15 or 16 of us, of varying skill levels.  Cleverly, he figures out ways to divide us up, engage all of us, and teach each of us what we need to learn.

If you have not tried tennis, let me encourage you to find an instructor in your local area.  It is fun and a pretty good workout.  I meet a friend on Wednesday mornings to play.  She is good; I am not.  But we enjoy the outdoors, get in a bit of exercise, and improve our tennis skills each week.  Playing tennis even makes me want to do other forms of exercise.  And it is a sport you can play no matter your age.

Now that the weather is warming up, it is the perfect time to take up tennis. And if tennis isn’t your racket, try another outdoor sport like golf or bicycling.  Just get out and enjoy yourself!


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