Tips for Hot Lips


I bet you are thinking of the TV show M*A*S*H and Major Margaret Houlihan. I, however, am thinking of those nasty lipstick prints that show up on cups and glasses as well as the lipstick stains which can ruin nice cloth napkins (here I go with the cloth napkins again!).

Just a reminder that prior to a meal, it is most courteous to discreetly remove your lipstick.  Our foremothers knew this, but somehow with the popularity of disposable napkins and disposable cups, the increase in eating fast food, and the decline of entertaining guests in our homes, this information was not passed on, as it should have been, to our generation.

Lipstick removal is appropriate at a nice restaurant, a private home, on a picnic, or any meal using cloth napkins, china, and glassware. Of course, if paper napkins, paper cups, etc. are being used, go ahead and leave all the lip prints you want!  A lipstick stained Solo cup might even help you to identify which cup is yours.

Lipstick should be removed prior to dining.

I always carry a small pack of tissues in my purse which is handy when I need to remove my lipstick.  You may want to excuse yourself to the restroom in order to remove your lipstick in private, or once seated, do so quickly and quietly.

Your host and/or hostess will be thrilled to see that your napkin, glasses and cups will not require extra scrubbing, soaking, and bleaching following the meal.  You are sure to be enthusiastically invited back.

A quick application of lipstick is okay at the table, but anything more should be done in the restroom.

After dining, you may reapply your lipstick.  If doing so at the table, remember that one quick pass of lipstick or gloss is appropriate.  However, mirrors, lip liners, lip primers, multi layers, etc., have no place at the table.  Do your beauty regime in the restroom.

Adopt a new motto, “No lips left behind.”  You will rise to the top of the social crème de la crème with this practice!


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