Learning to Knit

My first knit work!
My first knit work!

While traveling by train from London to Scotland, we had the good fortune to sit by the most wonderful couple from Florida.  These folks were interesting, fun, and educational.  The four and a half hours travel time seemed to pass in minutes.

My new friend, Lois, is an avid quilter, machine embroiderer and knitter.  I was estatic getting to talk with her.  Her lovely hand knit wool socks are what finally pushed me over the edge to learn to knit.

When I returned home, I scoured Craftsy for the appropriate class.  I chose Knit Lab with Stefanie Japel.  Of the 16 lessons, I have watched 12, so there is still more to go.

Of course, I couldn’t wait to try my skills.  I purchased aluminum knitting needles at my local big box store, and I got out some of Aunt E’s leftover yarn.  My mind totally gets what I am suppose to be doing, but my hands have yet to fall in line.

Stefanie makes it look so easy!  My loops are too tight, making it difficult to wedge the second needle in.  My loops also keep falling off the aluminum, and the needles are way too long for the twenty stitches with which I am practicing. However, I am able to knit!

I went ahead and ordered a book and kit from Joann’s Fabrics that has needles, markers, written instructions, darning needles, etc.  It was on sale and included supplies I needed, so even if it doesn’t help, I haven’t lost money.

This is not my first attempt at knitting.  When I was in elementary school and Aunt E had taught me how to crochet (which I have now forgotten how to do), my mom gave me a teach-yourself-to-knit kit.  I read and attempted, read and attempted, and read and failed!

Like learning to make stained glass windows, knitting was on my crafting bucket list.  I really think, if I continue to practice, that I might just make it this time!

Somehow I missed a few stitches, creating holes (let just say this is an advanced technique!), but I still am working twenty stitches.
Somehow I missed a few stitches, creating holes (let’s just say this is an advanced technique!), but I am still working twenty stitches.

The Craftsy class includes two patterns for scarves.  I have ordered wool yarn and shorter, wooden needles that I think might work better for me.  Being the overly ambitious crafter that I am (you know you are, too), I have also ordered a boot sock kit, mittens kit, and sock of the month class.  Now I know it may be a couple of years before I get the skills in order to make them, but I now have knitting goals!

The other benefit of the class is that watching the instructor knit has rekindled my interest in crocheting.  And, I think I may now remember how to do more than the chain stitch.  Maybe a Craftsy course on crochet will be just the refresher that I need!

So, if you live in my town, you may see me wearing a knit scarf this winter.  If it isn’t symetrical or looks odd, you will know that I made it myself!  Happy knitting!

2 thoughts on “Learning to Knit

  1. Way to go Kayla! Just keep going and your knitting will take on a relaxing rhythm. Craftsy is great as you can watch the videos as many times as needed. Plus there are other great knitting websites and videos to get us through sticky spots or tricky stitches. Bring on the cold weather and the woolies!

    1. Thank you for reading, Lois! I did get a nicer wool yarn and some bamboo needles, and they seem easier to work with. I want to make beautiful socks like you had on. It will be years from now!

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