Mind the Gap

Belly gaps are not attractive!
Belly gaps are not attractive!

If you have ridden on the tube (subway) in London, you have often heard the reminder, “Mind the gap,” meaning watch the space between the train and the platform.

In this case, I am talking the gap that arises when you are wearing a shirt that buttons down the front and then sit down. There is a gap that anyone you talk to is minding!

If you are thin, you probably have no clue what I am talking about. My gap minding business just came up three or four years ago. I forget to even consider the situation until my sister will tell me of my mini peep show (my problem is usually belly related, but it could be boob related or both).

If you have a gap that you mind, why not take proactive steps to make it stop? I plan to try on all of my button front shirts, then sit down in each one to see if a gap develops. If a gap does develop, I need to mark where it (or they) occurs. Then add a snap on the placket where the gaps show up.

So, if you are weak in sewing skills, but strong on gap fighting, here is how you can do what I am doing.

You will need:

1. Snaps. I like the clear, plastic ones.  They should be safe for ironing, if you decide on the plastic ones.
2. Thread to match your shirt(s).
3. Safety pins, a water-soluble pen, or straight pins to mark the gaps.

Put your shirt on, sit down, do you have a gap(s)? If so, note where they are located. You can use a water-soluble pen or mark with a safety pin.

Take your shirt off.

I find it works best if I add the snaps exactly midway between the two buttons/button holes. Then if there is a slight pull when you sit down, the spaces between the snap and two buttons will be even.

One snap has been sewn on.
One snap has been sewn on.

Working with a doubled length of thread, I sew the snaps on, similar to sewing buttons on. The tricky part is the snap that goes on the part of the shirt that ends up on top (the side without the buttons). You want to make sure that the thread you sew it on with does not show up on the front of your blouse.

Make sure you can't see where you sewed the snap on from the right side of your blouse.
Make sure you can’t see where you sewed the snap on from the right side of your blouse.

It is that easy! Now you (well, really I am talking about me!), won’t look like Baby Huey while running around your office.


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