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Bedsheets are just bedsheets, correct?  Well, I am not so sure anymore.  We have tried Egyptian cotton, sateen, high thread count, imported, expensive, and decorative and pretty much, sheets are sheets.  But a few months back, my sister gave me a set of bamboo sheets.  Again, I thought, what’s the big deal.

The bid deal is that they truly are soft,  comfortable and cozy.  They even seem to stay on the bed better than a traditional cotton sheet.

Bamboo sheets started taking off several years ago.  Was it the environmental aspect? Was it because they seem to really hold up to laundering?  Or maybe it is because they are something different.  Whatever the reason, I think I am in love.


We purchased a set of bamboo sheets for my elderly aunt a few years ago, hoping they would not irritate her skin.  After she started using them, we did not hear a single complaint.

My very limited research on the subject looks like they may be a bit higher priced than other standard sheets.  However, I really do think they are worth the expense.  I also found that they are supposed to stay cooler than cotton  sheets,  be hypoallergenic, and, as a renewable resource, be better for the environment.

If you haven’t already tried a set of bamboo sheets, I recommend you do.  I think you will be pleased with their performance and comfort.


3 thoughts on “Soft and Comfortable Sheets

  1. I definitely agree with you, bamboo is a lot better than most sheets to get rid of allergies.
    I had allergies a few months ago and decided to give a try to bamboo sheets.
    This was one of my best choices in my life. I no longer have allergies and I sleep a lot better.
    Definitely recommending!

  2. Bamboo sheets have a lot of benefits when compared to other sheets made with traditional items, Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of information.

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