Fashion Faux Pas

This is the vent stitch that should be removed before wearing the jacket.
This is the vent stitch that should be removed before wearing the jacket.

From time to time I have seen a smartly dressed individual, but upon a closer look, noticed that the stay stitch in the kick pleat of their skirt or the vent in the back of their jacket was not removed before wearing.  Folks, this is the equivalent of wearing the price tags.

These X-shaped stitches are intended to keep the flaps of the skirt kick pleat or jacket vent closed during shipment.  They are meant to be removed before wearing.

Recently, I was looking through some old photos of Amal Clooney, one of the best dressed women in the world.  To my amazement, her Dolce and Gabanna pantsuit still had the stay stitch in the vent of her expensive jacket.  Oh my!  Doesn’t she have a mirror or a handler for this?  To see this faux pas for yourself, visit Amal Alamuddin Clooney Style blog.

So please, anytime you buy a new skirt or suit, remove the stay stitch BEFORE you wear the clothing.

The same goes for the stitches in pockets that are intended to keep said pockets flat during shipment.  Be it the pockets in a suit jacket or pockets of a skirt or pants, the stitches should be removed so that you may use the pockets.

However, before you remove these pocket stitches, check to make sure there really is a pocket there.  If there is a pocket, you can usually feel the actual pocket though the fabric or you will notice that the stitches do not go all the way to either end of the pocket opening.

I leave the pocket stitches in pants or skirts if I feel they might pucker if removed.  But, no one knows they are there but me.

So, if you see Amal, please help her out by letting her know to remove the X stitches!

4 thoughts on “Fashion Faux Pas

    1. I have seen brand labels left on jackets, but I thought it was because the wearer did not know to remove it. Is it a style to leave it on? Conceptually, I guess it isn’t different than any designer label on clothing. However, like price tags, the intent is for it to be removed. Thanks for your comment!

  1. I think it is a very crude way of conveying to others how expensive their clothes are. I prefer wearing bespoke suits and jackets appreciated by other connoisseurs. After all, subtlety counts, does it not?

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