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As I have mentioned before, I am a fan of disposable and experiential gifts (read here for more information).  I wanted to share with you some ideas for food related baskets such as those that Mike and I received during the holidays.  These would be appropriate any time of year to give (or receive!).

The next time you are stymied for a gift to give, think about a food basket.  Or better yet, make your friend a cake or other goody to celebrate the occasion.  Last year we received a food gift basket full of homemade goodies from Mike’s sister.  Mike savoured each handcrafted item for weeks!

A fun decorator tin holds lots of goodies!
A fun decorator tin holds lots of goodies!

The large gift basket on the cover photo weighed in at over 70 lbs when boxed up for shipment.  It is Italian foods in a quilted sky blue leather case.  Pastas, pasta sauces, olive oils, dressings, olives, artichokes, and more were included.  Notice the beautifully blinged box that looks like it should have an expensive perfume in it?  It contains a very special Balsamic Condiment that comes with its own certificate of authenticity.  The certificate includes the bottle number since it is from a “limited handicraft edition.”  The bottle is adorned with a Swarovski crystal.


I love this salt, olive oil and vinegar gift basket below!  The container will look so cute hanging on the wall.  I can’t decide if I want to use it for mail or put an air plant in it.  Either way, it will look darling!


The gift basket in the next photo contains everything you need for a wine and cheese dinner:  crackers, cheese, olives, fruit and nut mix, chocolates, and a cheese board and knife.  The latter two items will continue to serve as sweet reminder of my friend who gave it to me, long after the goodies have been eaten.


If you want to make your own food gift basket, here are the steps that I would recommend:

1.  Fill the bottom of the container with tissue or cellophane to keep the items high in the packaging.
2.  Add a thin layer of fun filler for glitz, like shredded metallic pieces or crinkle cut shredded paper.
3.  Then arrange your gift/food items with the tallest items at the back and the shorter items at the front.
4.  You may need to tape or use rubber cement to get the items to stay together and in place.  If you are hand delivering, this is still important.  If you are mailing, then this is paramount!
5.  Use shrink wrap bags in the appropriate size  to wrap the basket.  These are the type that you use a blow dryer to fit it around the basket.
6.  Top it off with a beautiful bow and you have yourself a gorgeous gift to share with a friend.

Be sure that your container is the correct size for the number/size of gift items it will contain.  You may want to buy your items and then cluster them together to see how big a container you will need.


The shredded paper and shrink wrap bags are available online at or online or in the store at the Container Store.  If you have a party store near you, they will probably carry theses items as well.

Pick a theme, or not, and have fun collecting edible, or not, gift items to fill a basket, laundry basket, saucepan, hat box or other appropriate container.  Your gift is sure to be memorable, useable, and fun!

I can't wait to try this Balsalmic Condiment. The gorgeous packaging is indicating that it will be amazing!
I can’t wait to try this Balsamic Condiment. The gorgeous packaging is indicating that it will be amazing!

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