Make Your Mom Feel Like a Queen on Mother’s Day!

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II

Although we should honor and celebrate our moms all year long, we definitely need to make Mother’s Day special for them. This year, we are celebrating on May 14, so go ahead an make your plans.

Here is short list of possibilities:

1. The corsage. If your mom goes to church on Mother’s Day it is traditional (especially in the south) for the women in the congregation to wear a corsage. If your mother’s mother (your maternal grandmother) is still alive, your mom should wear a pink or red corsage. If your maternal grandmother is deceased, your mom should wear a white corsage. Order early so that you can get the corsage and get it to your mom in time for church. If you mom doesn’t go to church, send her a bouquet featuring the appropriate flower.


2. The food. What celebration is complete without food? You may choose to take your mom out to lunch or cook a special dinner for her. Since she is the belle of the ball that day (and everyday!), why not cook her favorites foods or take her to her favorite restaurant or one she has been wanting to try?

3. Make it memorable. One year I took my mom and aunt to a fun theatrical performance in Dallas for Mother’s Day. It was different, enjoyable and memorable. We dined at the cafe in the theatre and laughed ’til our sides hurt during the performance. It was a great day made even more special since it was their day!


4. Focus on what your mom enjoys. As our moms age, eating out may become more of a burden than a treat. Poor mobility may have slowed your mom down or maybe your mom doesn’t hear well and crowds bother her. So often, our moms would prefer spending quality time with us rather than going and doing. An afternoon of telling stories or looking through old photos or videos might be exactly what your mom would enjoy. Maybe just being alone with you would be the only treat she wants.

Men, your wife may be planning her mom’s special day and maybe your mom’s celebration, so be sure you take as much of the load off her as possible if she, too, is a mom. Celebrate with your mom(s) at lunch or the afternoon and with your wife and kids for dinner or the evening. Do the dishes or fold the clothes, which any busy woman will appreciate. And don’t forget to consider the four things above for her as well. This is your chance to shine!


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