Men and Jeeps

A beautiful Jeep in a beautiful setting.
A beautiful Jeep in a beautiful setting.

Is it just the guys that I am around or are all males infatuated with Jeeps?  Mike even has a Jeep porn folder of Jeep pics on his iPhone!

To me, Jeeps are a bit like a James Avery  or Pandora bracelet.  It is addictive to keep buying more charms for the Jeeps!  Mike has already added lost of aftermarket additions and has a list

Mike, the boys and I were riding in the Jeep one night.  As we bounced from one pothole to another, I said to one of the guys, “This is a rough ride.”  He turned to me and smiled, “Yeah!”

Mike loves his Jeep.  He keeps it shiny and clean.  I can’t get over the fact that’s it is always hitting me in the backside since the doors won’t stay open.  And I can never remember to look in the middle of the dash board for the window control.  Of course, I always think I am going to fall out of it.  Thank goodness for the aftermarket handles velcroed over the rollbar.

This Jeep is more my speed. I could totally drive this!
This Jeep is more my speed. I could totally drive this!

Everywhere I go there are guys with their Jeeps.  Now, I know girls like their Jeeps, too.  I must admit a beautifully painted Jeep has been known to turn my eye.  My favorite Jeep of all times is the old Jeep that Ronald Reagan had on his ranch.

Back in the ’80s, my dad had an AMC, Jeep and Renault franchise (they came together, so I am assuming they were one franchise).  I don’t remember ever riding in one.  All I do recall is that a salesman turned on all the hazard lights one night after work, unbeknownst to my dad.  Late in the night the police called to let my dad know a prankster had turned on all the Jeep hazards. We all had to dress and go to the dealership inorder to turn them out.  My dad was not happy.

If riding around in mud is called muddin', then is riding around in the snow called snowin'?
If riding around in mud is called muddin’, then is riding around in the snow called snowin’?

The photos of Jeeps going over rocks with the axles stretched to the limit are a bit nerve racking.  I am not sure that I or Mike’s Jeep are up for that.  Thankfully, Mike is not into wanting to put his Jeep through that experience.

Archie even loves the Jeep.  He runs for it every time we open the door.  He has a special booster seat that he sits in so that he can see all the passing sights.

My nephew has asked if my sister and I should trade in our practical office SUV for a Jeep.  Maybe it would bring in more business just because it would look good sitting on our parking lot!

A future Jeep lover's favorite toy!
A future Jeep lover’s favorite toy!

What about you?  Are you a Jeep lover?

Bonus Information:  The Jeep porn on Mike’s phone consists of cool paint jobs, interesting accessories, and death-defying feats.  There are no scantily clad females in there!  I just didn’t want anyone wondering!!

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    1. That photo was taken in Destin, Florida, but I don’t know when. I think I got that photo from my husband’s Jeep porn folder. Sorry that I don’t have more information.

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