Tea at Into My Garden Tea Room


Back in early March,  a friend and I had tickets to a play in Plano.  While there, we decided to go by Into My Garden Tea Room on Avenue K, not far from the theatre.

We had already had lunch, so we decided to have tea and scones.  The menu offers several tea variations.  Fellow tea room customers that afternoon seemed to have come straight from church and included men and women.


The main room is sweetly decorated with quilted throws used as tablecloths, as well as hats, gloves and other decor on small shelves.  Tea pots and china vary in size and colors.  It all comes together to create a relaxing atmosphere.  Lace panels over the windows soften the sunlight, but also gives a European feel to the room.


There is a private room available, which was being used for a baby shower on the day we visited.  The guests had on hats to celebrate the occasion.

The entry to the tearoom has hats and boas on hat racks.  I did not look to see if they were for sale or loan, but they did perk up the entry area.

The menu offers various sandwiches, salads, and teas.  We ordered a pot of loose leaf tea, (though I can not recall which tea…maybe Darjeeling).  Our scones came with the traditional strawberry preserves and Devonshire cream.  Everything was delightful and offered a wonderful treat before our play.

If you enjoy tea and/or tea rooms, I think you will enjoy Into My Garden Tea Room.    I think the word “charming” best describes the experience.



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