Sock Liners

Some of the many footies I have tried.
Some of the many footies I have tried.

Call them what you want – sock liners, footies, or sockettes – the small sock or stocking that barely covers your foot is a welcome addition for those of us who enjoy a sockless look (free the ankles!).

I have tried several brands and styles trying to find something that was small enough for my size 5 foot.  Most of them tend to come off soon after walking.  Last summer, I walked to the post office.  Before I made it to my destination, my footies had left my feet and were wadded up in the toe area of my shoes.  I started laughing and could not stop.  I am sure I looked like a psycho.

Another laughable sight is when I have to double the extra toe area of the footies over my toes so the footies don’t come off when I insert my foot into a shoe.  Sometimes the extra fabric hangs out of my shoes.  It looks odd to say the least.

I have some larger footies that have a rubber pad on the back of the heel. The problem with them is that since they are big on my small foot, the rubber pad hangs over the back of the shoe. I have to push them back down into the heel, which can sometimes be uncomfortable.

I recently found some footies on that have proven to be pretty good.  They have a small line of rubber that runs all the way around the edge of the footie.  They are also sewn like a shoe, with two pieces.  There is a sole and a second piece that is the toe, heel and sides.  The sole has small rubbery dots on the ball of the foot to prevent slipping.


The first day I wore these to work, one sock came off my heel around lunchtime.  After I put it back on it stayed in place until I took my shoes off before going to bed.  The other sock stayed in place the entire day.

Although these are perfect for my size 5 foot, I really do think they would accommodate many shoe sizes.  I think it is the small bead of rubber than helps to hold them on that makes them stay in place.

If you are having footie problems, you may want to try these out.  They are the HBY Loafer Liner Women’s Casual No-Show/None Slip (I think they meant non-slip, but who knows) Hidden Socks, 6-Pair.  I paid $14.99 and with Prime, had no shipping charges.

My sister, who also has a small foot, likes her footies which are by Peds and available at Walmart.   Do you have a favorite brand of footies?  What makes them your favorite?



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