Property Deed Scam


There is always someone wanting to get us to turn loose of our money.  One such situation was brought to my attention recently by a customer of my day job of owning a title company.

After the recording of a warranty deed, companies are mailing letters to the grantees (people receiving property) offering them a copy of “their grant deed and a property assessment profile” for a fee.

A customer just brought a copy of such a letter to me.  It made me so mad that I decided to write this post.  They wanted to charge him $86 to get a copy of his recorded warranty deed.  I mailed him the original recorded deed that cost him nothing extra outside of closing!

The letter said that “the information (they provide) can be used to verify property information is recorded correctly as mistakes can affect property taxes.  The information on the report can also be used to contest your property taxes at the County level if you find you are paying higher property taxes than comparable properties in your area.”

First of all, in Texas, a person can go to the county clerk’s office and get a copy of their deed for a small copy fee.  Second, if they recently closed, their title company will be sending the original recorded warranty deed to them.  Third, in Texas anyway, I don’t know what the company would provide regarding appraisal values that a person can’t do for themselves at their own computer for FREE!

If you are concerned that your exemptions aren’t being received, call the appraisal office.  Make sure you have your homestead exemption, over 65, disabled veteran, ag and/or any other exemption you are due.  This is a free conversation.

In brief, PLEASE before you pay 2 cents for anything, do an internet search for company reviews.  To prepare for this post I researched the company that sent the letter to my customer.  There were all sorts of scam reports out there on that company as well as 1 star reviews.


The letter does mention that the information they are selling can be retrieved from the local county clerk’s office for a small fee.

If you live in another state, before you send money, check with the county clerk’s office or a title company to look for free resources if you feel you need this information.

My customer’s situation was not isolated.  My husband received the same type letter after he purchased a property about five years ago.

Please share this information with your parents, your children, your fellow church members.  Why spend $86 when you probably already have the information they will provide or you could get it for free?!?


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