Day trip to Nacogdoches

A sign at the corner of S. Fredonia and Pilar Streets in downtown Nacogdoches.

A few weeks ago some friends had a great idea for a group of us to go to Nacogdoches for an overnight trip.  I had attended a conference at the Stephen F. Austin State University, but had not had the chance to tour the town.

The Landmark is one of many pretty buildings in downtown Nacogdoches.

Nacogdoches is the oldest incorporated town in Texas.  With a population of about 33,000, it is large enough to offer lots of entertainment options, but small enough to still be quaint.  Nacogdoches has actually flown nine flags in its 303 years of existence: French, Spanish, Magee-Gutierrez, Dr. James Long, Mexican, Fredonia Rebellion, Lone Star, Confederate Stars & Bars and United States of America.

A few of these may need a bit more explanation, like what is the Magee-Gutierrez flag?  It was a solid green flag which represented Mexico/US fighting the Spanish rule of Texas.  Magee and Gutierrez were the men leading this charge who captured Nacogdoches.

The Dr. James Long flag (similar to a US flag, but all red and white with a single star) was another expedition in which Nacogdoches was captured.  And finally, what is the Fredonia Rebellion?  That was a rebellion against the Mexican government that ruled Nacogdoches in 1826.  Its flag was half white and half red with the words Independence, Freedom and Justice on it.

We gathered at Auntie Pasta’s Clear Springs Restaurant for a late lunch.  It is a large restaurant that was full of diners.  The food was good.  Be sure to order a plate of onion rings, which are the best I have ever eaten.

A courtyard at the Fredonia.

We stayed at the historic Fredonia Hotel in downtown  Nacogdoches, which I must admit was happening! The hotel has been renovated in a way that is age appropriate.  Two restaurants, two swimming pools, a great gift shop, and large bar offer something for everyone.

The Fredonia Hotel bathrooms are clean and modern.

After checking in, our group walked around the downtown.  The streets had plenty of stores to entice even the most reluctant shopper.  If the axe throwing storefront doesn’t  grab your attention, maybe the stained glass workshop, yoga studio, antique or dress shops would.

If you work up a thirst while out and about, there is a brewery close by which will wet your whistle.  Fredonia Brewery’s tag line is fitting…”Brewed with the independent spirit that created Texas.”

After walking around downtown, we decided to cool off in the pool.  The pool area was full…not in an over crowded way, but in a way that gave it a party vibe.

The low lights and mid-century modern furnishings helped to make the steakhouse a great dinner location.

After a bit of relaxing, it was time for dinner at the hotel in the Republic of Fredonia Steakhouse.  The low lights and artistic decor made it a perfect place for date night or just hanging out.  The food was amazing, though the service slow.  But really, when you are enjoying a beautiful Saturday night, you can’t be in too big of a hurry.

After a good night’s sleep, breakfast in the downstairs restaurant was a good way to start the day.  Follow that up with shopping in the adorable gift shop, and we were energized for the drive home.

Cute coasters!

The gift shop offers snacks, a bit of hotel wares (pens, robes, mugs, etc.), as well as home goods, bags, kitchenware and scent diffusers.  Several diffusers and some kitchen items had to go home with us!

Nacogdoches makes for a great weekend getaway!

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