An Update on Broccoli Critters


We eat a lot of broccoli since it is so good for our bodies.  Several years ago I read that we should eat broccoli each week since it is full of vitamins and minerals we need to help prevent diseases such as diabetes and cancer.  The article also stated that we should eat broccoli fresh as well as cooked because both preparations offer different nutrients.  I am not a big fan of raw broccoli, so I tend to serve steamed or roasted broccoli at our house.

You may recall my blog post on broccoli worms (click here for the horrifying refresher); now you can be equally grossed out by broccoli bugs!  I believe these are aphids, but hopefully, you can see them well enough to decide for yourself.

I was washing broccoli really well to prepare it for steaming when I noticed something move.  Since my first broccoli worm citing, I have been diligent to spread the florets apart and really inspect the broccoli for inhabitants.  This time I found an infestation of small gray/green bugs.  Lots of bugs.  It grossed me out, so I threw it away and prepared asparagus instead.

Everything I read suggests that it is okay to eat any bugs or worms that are not removed when you wash your veggies.  However, my gag reflex takes over, and there is no way I would be able to eat a veg after seeing it covered in critters.

From now on, I will do the warm salt bath soak for 20 minutes prior to preparing my broccoli.   But I also think some of the local grocery stores may need an exterminator for their broccoli case!


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