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New colors!

Life, for me, must have a creative component.  That is why I love to sew without a pattern and cook without a recipe.  If my job isn’t creative, then I have to have a hobby that is creative.  Maybe that is why I started a blog!

My nephew when he was little.

My latest creative challenge is to learn to paint with watercolors.  Many years ago, I made a brief attempt at watercolors.  I painted one masterpiece, and then put my watercolor palette in my craft box.

This crosshatching with color may or may not be a watercolor technique, but I am going to consider it to be one.

This painting was of my nephew at a park in Midland, Texas.  Back then I thought it was terrible.  Now, I kind of like it.  I am not sure why I didn’t outline the two ducks on the left, but if that is the way I saw it, then that is what it should be.

At least I was trying!

I realize now that I painted this on regular sketch paper.  Not sure why I thought that was a good idea, but I do know that I was a poor college student, so that probably explains it.

It all starts with a good book.

Back then, I purchased a book The Watercolor Handbook to help me learn.  I recently did the same, purchasing Everyday Watercolor.  It will be fun and challenging to see if I can learn to paint with watercolors in 30 days!   Both books offer good information and techniques.  Like any artistic endeavor, it takes time and practice to improve.  I really do hope that I get a chance to hone my watercolor skills.  I think that using watercolor paper, may be the first step toward accomplishing my goal!

A sketch for my next painting.

My first project in this second approach to learning will be my backyard.  The water should be fun to paint, and the knock-out roses will add a pop of color.  Even if it turns out horribly, it will be a joy to attempt!

Old and new watercolors.

Pretty much everything on my to-do has a creative element to it:  gardening, quilting, landscaping, learning to use Photoshop, and updating a couple of bathrooms.  I love it!  It makes me look forward to working on my list.

New brushes and paints.

I doubt I will ever be an artist, but I sure will have fun attempting to be one!

Appropriate watercolor paper! Yay!

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